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Our Next Session – Monday, May 13, 2024, at 7:30pm, : Working with Search Firms – A Key Career Skill 

It is part of our series: “Actionable Advice for Enhancing your Career – Whether you are Working or Looking for Work”   

Understanding and interacting with Search Firms is an important skill – whether you are thinking about a career move or actively searching for a job.  

We hope you’ll join us and learn more about this!

This hybrid session will be at the Church of the Presentation, Upper Saddle River – in the Jerusalem Room.  

All members of our Career Management Network will also get the Zoom link before the meeting.

If you cannot attend in person, send a note to the email address below and we will add you to our network.

All are welcome to come to these sessions and we hope to see you there – bring questions! 

If you have concerns or questions at any time about your job, a search for a job, networking, assistance with interviews, etc. simply email with your name, email address and a brief introduction and we will be happy to assist.


Monday, 05/13, 10:30 am, Professional Services Group of Central New Jersey hosts, Networking for Mutual Benefit. Networking for Mutual Benefit is a lifestyle that once learned will change your life. When you begin to do this differently and better than everyone around you, it will change your business, your career, your community involvement and your personal life.

Our speaker Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn strategist, trainer, and advisor who helps businesses and professionals use LinkedIn as a business tool to grow their networks, generate leads, achieve their goals, and manage communications. Teddy is also a popular YouTuber, with over 6,000 subscribers and 2.4 Million video views on his two channels. His videos provide valuable tips and advice on how to use LinkedIn and Google Workspace for business.

PSGCNJ has established a pre-registration system for Zoom meetings. Please visit and register by our 11 pm Friday deadline prior to the Monday morning meeting. Please make sure to save the link you are emailed so you have it for Monday’s meeting.

Please join us on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from noon to 12:30 p.m. for our ‘Ask Maya’s segment with Maya Ollson, career consultant, and founder of Kokopella High Touch Outplacement.

Maya facilitates the 30-minute Q&A session to answer your job search questions.

Please join us on the third Monday of the month from 11:30 am until noon for a new segment on the importance of meditation in your job search. The segment is hosted by Victoria Squazzo, a certified Reiki master/teacher, holistic practitioner of Ayurveda and emotion code practitioner.

Victoria has been in private practice since 2014 and completed a Yoga certification in 2022.

Tuesday, May 14 from 5:00-6:00 pm ET, Virtual (Zoom) Is your LinkedIn profile ready for prime time? Join for an engaging talk hosted by Executive Coach and Career Guru, Charlotte A. Lee of Lee Work Wise, LLC.

At this networking session, Charlotte will discuss what a profile should contain and how best to use LinkedIn whether you are in a role or not.

Did you know that:

  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 1 billion members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide?
  • About 135 million users actively use LinkedIn each day?
  • Almost 50% of its users are active monthly.

That’s a lot of people who could notice you!

Register here:

  • Space is limited; first come, first served.
  • The Zoom information will be emailed only to those who register for the session.
  • This Networking Event will not be recorded nor repeated.

Tuesday, May 14 This is a free network group, for people looking for new opportunities or interested in professional development.

You are cordially invited to our next Northern Fairfield Professionals (NFP) meeting from 5:30 – 8 pm on Tuesday, May 14 on-site (location below) and via zoom.

Our guest speaker is Michael Shavel, Career Development Specialist with CT Dept of Labor. Michael will present on “Job Search Tips and Strategies including AI (Artificial Intelligence)”

To attend, you must be register with the American Job center at  and look for the registration box at the top right-hand side, click on the register box and follow the instructions to register.  

After you are registered or need help in registering please email Michael Shavel at . Michael will verify your registration, add your name to the roster and email you the zoom link or add you to the list for the onsite meeting in Newtown. Please register by Tuesday morning May 14.

 Please feel free to invite other professionals to participate that are interested in professional development or looking for a new opportunity.

To receive an NFP Evite email on information on the upcoming NFP meeting, please e-mail

NFP is where people meet to expand their network connections, as well as learn the tools needed to advance their careers. Business professionals from all industries and career levels are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.

Our philosophy is to build reciprocal relationships where business professionals can exchange ideas, job leads, and build networking skills. 

We usually have a guest speaker discuss a topic of interest for business professionals.

Tuesday, May 14, 2023 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EDT) 

The Tuesday evening NJ JobSeekers group, normally at Trinity Church in Princeton, is moving online for the time being.  We will meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays, of each month.

Web site:

Tuesday meeting permalink:

Wed May 15, 12:00-12:30 Central time, NSENG, Marty Gilbert

FREE Job Search Q&A Session on (a LinkedIn Live broadcast)

This free session is available to anyone. You can email me your questions in advance… chat them during the event… or just listen in and learn. Click here or on the graphic below to register and feel free to share with your network. LinkedIn will record this live event so if you cannot attend this webinar, use the link to watch the recording later.

Thursday, May 16, 2024, 10:00 am to 11:30 am EST, JVS Job-Seekers Workshop Building Emotional Resilience and Self-Care

Losing your job and searching for a new opportunity, or working at a job where you are not happy can be stressful.

In this webinar, Kelly Sachter, LCSW, will discuss the emotional toll of searching for a job. She will share skills and resources that can help you cope with job loss.

Building emotional resilience can help you navigate the ups and downs of a transition in your career and cope with the stress.


Kelly will discuss the importance of self-care including creating your own self-care plan and will take us through a mindfulness exercise.

There will be 20 minutes of open networking

with fellow job seekers after the presentation.


Kelly Sachter, LCSW





Friday, May 17⋅9:45am – 12:00pm, Glenn Pasch – Navigating the Job Market: Staying Motivated and Building a Daily Routine

Location: The Princeton Public Library. 65 Witherspoon Street, Princeton NJ 08542

Description: In today’s dynamic job market, staying motivated and maintaining a structured daily routine are essential skills. This presentation is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by individuals in the workforce, offering practical strategies to maintain motivation and establish a productive daily regimen.

Key topics covered in the presentation include:

  • Identifying internal and external factors influencing motivation levels and strategies to mitigate negativity. 
  • Creating a balanced daily routine that integrates professional pursuits, self-care, and leisure activities. 
  • Implementing time management techniques to optimize productivity and achieve long-term goals.
  • Leveraging technology and resources to stay organized.
  • Nurturing a growth mindset and embracing continuous learning opportunities.

The goal is to help attendees harness the power of time management to increase productivity and stay positive.

Organizer: Mercer County PSG Events

Mercer County PSG Events

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Fri, May 17 at 2:00 PM
You Are Invited! NYPL’s FREE Job Fair & Expo 2024
New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwarzman Building • New York NY
Monday, 05/20, 10:30 am, Professional Services Group of Central New Jersey hosts,Post Interview: The follow Up. Our speaker Ruth Robbins is job search strategist, prositions/outplacement professional and senior career coach with The White Hawk Group, a national outplacement company. She has over 20 years coaching and counseling clients at all levels. She also operates Career Momentum, a private career coaching practice.

PSGCNJ has established a pre-registration system for Zoom meetings. Please visit and register by our 11 pm Friday deadline prior to the Monday morning meeting.

Please join us on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from noon-12:30 pm for our ‘Ask Maya’ segment with Maya Ollson, career consultant, founder of Kokopella High Touch Outplacement.

Maya facilitates the 30-minute Q&A session to answer your job-search questions.

Please join us on the third Monday of the month from 11:30 am until noon for a new segment on the importance of meditation in your job search. The segment is hosted by Victoria Squazzo, a certified Reiki master/teacher, holistic practitioner of Ayurveda and emotion code practitioner.

Victoria has been in private practice since 2014 and completed a Yoga certification in 2022. 

Monday, 20 May 2024,Westchester Networking Organization (WNO)

Our speaker this month will be Anna Gibbs, who has presented previously at our March meeting last year.

Anna is the co-founder and CEO of Moving You Forward Coaching and their most senior certified coach with more than 15 years in the coaching realm. Anna began her career as a successful business leader and entrepreneur more than 30 years ago. Her passion for inspiring others to see past their limitations and move closer to their full potential is evident in everything she does.

Anna is a coach who specializes in mindset and behavior; she helps people break through their own limitations and unleash their full potential. As a seasoned coach and effective business leader, Anna has dedicated her career to empowering others to think bigger, dream bolder and achieve more.

Anna will present “Navigating Change: Winning Strategies for Transition and Change” this month.

Topics Anna will cover:

  • Navigating Change- the challenges and opportunities
  • Leveraging Skills and Experience – Identifying transferable skills and strengths and previous roles
  • Adapting that experience to new opportunities
  • Resilience to deal with the obstacles of career transition
  • Staying motivated and maintaining a positive mindset
  • Personal Development
  • Self care

Register Now  and join us at this month’s meeting!



PSG Mercer County – No Meeting – Happy Memorial Day, Friday, May 27⋅9:45am – 2:00pm


Wednesday, May 22, 9AM – 10AM, Hosted by SCORE Princeton

New Jersey Funding Opportunities

This free webinar will feature speakers from the NJ Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) and UCEDC reviewing various loan program options and key business development programs from their organizations as well as an overview of grant resources. Free



Friday, May 31⋅9:45am – 12:00pm, John West Hadley – Topic TBD

 Location: The Princeton Public Library. 65 Witherspoon Street, Princeton NJ 08542

 Organizer: Mercer County PSG Events

Mercer County PSG Events

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Saturday June 8, 2024,, 8:00 -10:00 AM  join The Breakfast Club NJ Monthly Meeting with a presentation by Jeff Altman – “Leverage AI In Your Job Search”. Sign on  instructions at Please share this with other groups you may be in.  Join us on at: to RSVP for the meeting.


 Pre-Recorded Podcasts

In this article, IDC’s Wayne Kurtzman shares survey results on how to increase engagement in virtual meetings


 This video podcast explores the preferences, experiences, attitudes and behaviors of organizers and attendees of virtual events that have been held in the wake of COVID-19. It also delves into the priorities that organizers, sponsors, and vendors should address to ensure a positive experience for event attendees and how to capitalize of virtual event opportunities.

The New York Science, Industry and Business Library, located at 188 Madison Avenue @ 34th Street, New York, NY 10016. The library also recorded some of the presentations and they are available 24/7 on-line at:

 PSG of Mercer County website has now grown to 35 eLearning sites. Many are free, but not all. Check out some of these eLearning sites at:




General Resources

The mission of is to provide ONE website where anyone who is unemployed or under-employed, can find everything they need to help with his or her career search that will result in employment.

Any formed group that assists members in educating, coaching, career testing, job lead, networking connections, mentoring, counseling, or support, while providing a safe place for the job seeker, is welcome to be listed on the or website.  For more information and a schedule of events go to  

Recurring Meetings

Sundays from 9:00 – 9:30 am: George Pace, an IT Technology Leader, in Partnership with TBCNJ, host a weekly LIVE Webinar every Sunday to discuss:

  •       The latest Federal / State news as it relates to the Job Market 


Monday mornings – The Ramsey Job Search Work Team meets every Monday morning. Networking starts from 9 to 9:30am and the meeting starts at 9:30 to 10:30 while virtual.  Members are expected to hold each other accountable at weekly (virtual) meetings for conducting a job search in earnest. Historically, the team has enjoyed a very high rate of “landings” by those conducting an active and vigorous job search.

Based on the Lee-Hecht-Harrison model, it’s more of a project management team made up of people committed to helping each other in the job search. By attending regularly and staying focused on key tasks, meetings serve as an advisory panel that knows you and your search and can offer answers to the questions that come up in job hunting.

Help others to help you (especially for the first few meetings) by having a prepared “elevator pitch” to introduce yourself. Jobs open up because there’s a problem to solve or a need to fill.

Please contact Beth Berkenfeld at or 201-797-4342 if interested in joining the group.


Alternate Tuesdays, 10 am – Career Conversations with Tony are free webinars for those who are un/underemployed, in/considering a career transition. Sessions are facilitated primarily by longtime group facilitator and Career Coach, Tony Calabrese, of Absolute Transitions, LLC, or an esteemed guest presenter. Login info will be emailed the day prior to the webinar, but registration officially closes at 8am the morning of each webinar. All are welcome. Q & A will follow. Be sure to check our webpage for: dates, topics, presenters, webinar descriptions, and the registration link at: To receive an invite to join our listserv for occasional announcements and reminders, volunteer or recommend a thought-leader or topic, or if you have any questions, please email Tony at:


Every Tuesday 1-2:00pm, before 4/30, Join Ken Lang for his weekly LinkedIn Live! event. Register here at or you can watch the broadcast live from Ken’s LinkedIn profile – 


The Neighbors-helping-Neighbors (NhN) has now changed its operating model from virtual meetings, face to face meeting to a one-on-one mentor/coach model. Our leaders and others who volunteer and are vetted by founder will offer one on one sessions with our membership information and a large amounts of resources for NhNUSA may be found at There is both a registration for members needing help, along with a registration for applying to be a coach/mentor.  Please feel free to use the free career resources on this site and join their Linked-In group.  


Neighbors-helping Neighbors USA ) founded on January 27,2011, is supported by an award winning web portal site, LinkedIn group, Facebook group and a large network of members and volunteer leaders built over the past 12 years.


Join William Paterson University Alumni Association virtually on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom for an informative and strategic approach to landing the job you want.  We are pleased to launch a series of career workshops to help support you in your career search. Whether you’re in a current job search, considering a career transition or looking to take your career to the next level, these sessions are for you! Over the next 5 months, you’ll have an opportunity to learn the key elements of a job search strategy and a step-by-step approach to landing the job you want. We’ll take the guesswork out of the job search, so you will always know what to do next. 

 Every Wednesday at 9:30, psgmc (Professional Services Group Morris County) presents a virtual meeting.  They provide relevant speakers to help with your job search, as well as provide a forum to networks. If you would like to attend our meetings please email Dale at for Zoom Meeting ID and Password.


Wednesdays – Job Seekers of Montclair is a free, job search training and support group open to all. We have professional speakers on a variety of job search topics including recognizing your accomplishments, developing your resume, networking, interview preparation, and dealing with road blocks.

Job Seekers of Montclair meets every Wednesday in person and on Zoom at 7:30 pm. All meetings are free and open to the public.

Information about the upcoming meeting can be found on our website.

While you are there, you can join our low volume e-mail list where we send announcements of upcoming meetings or helpful information. Just click on Subscribe on the home page.

You may also link to an Internet-friendly version of our schedule from our website. 

There is no meeting of Job Seekers this week. The next meeting is in person (with additional Zoom access) on January 3. Join Dr. Mark Arnowitz, adjunct professor at Caldwell University and counselor for life changing events, who will conduct a workshop on Coping with Change.


1st and 3rd Thursday of the month The Northwest New Jersey Career Club (NWNJCC) led by Nancy Mackowiak, will conduct an ONLINE ZOOM Meeting regarding current job search issues and challenges. This group previously met at the Mount Olive Public Library. To join the meeting, join the Facebook group ‘Northwest New Jersey Career Club’ and a Zoom invitation will be sent to you, a day before the meeting.

Free Computer Classes at Neptune Public Library. Registration required:

Thursday, June 29 5:30p-7:30p [PowerPoint]

 The basics class is discontinued and being done on an individual basis through diagnostic testing modules.

 To register, contact:

 Laura Myers

Neptune Public Library



The Professional Service Group (PSG) of Mercer County is a community program providing enrichment seminars for professionals in transition who are seeking new employment opportunities or exploring new career paths. PSG of Mercer County meets each Friday morning at 10:00am. Meetings are always free, open to all, and do NOT require you to register in advance. Please check the PSG of Mercer County website 

Event Calendar for upcoming programs:


Careers in Transition meets virtually the first and third Saturday of each month at 8:30 AM EST except for July 6, 2024. Each meeting offers: (1) various speakers and topics related to job search and career development (2) Resume Review.

Read more about us:

To ensure the security of our virtual meetings, invitations will be emailed directly only to members who register for the meeting.  Registration will be open until 5PM EST Friday before each meeting.

Link to sign up: :

2nd Saturday of the month, except we skip December and August. Penn State Great Valley Presents   My Career Transitions My Career Transitions has returned to in-person meetings at the Penn State Great Valley campus in Malvern, PA. Attending in-person allows you to get the most from the meeting by interacting with the speaker and networking with the volunteers and other attendees that may be able to help you.  * For those outside the greater Philadelphia region or otherwise not able to attend in-person, you will be able to join by Zoom, starting with virtual networking before joining the classroom live. We do not record the meetings for viewing later.All events now start at promptly at 10:00 AM and end by 12:15 PM.  Please arrive by 10:00 when doors open.  We start with the MCT networking session – a fun way to meet people and grow your network by 2-3 people – even before the speaker starts.Note: Registration for all events closes at 12 noon the day prior to the event.  

Dress Code:  We suggest dressy casual. No one wears suits or ties. The norm is slacks and a collared shirt for men and the equivalent for women.

Monthly schedule: 2nd Saturday of the month, except we skip December and August. See below. 

My Career Transitions is presented by Penn State Great Valley and our events are sponsored by the Penn State Great Valley Alumni Society. You do not need to have any affiliation with Penn State to attend and benefit from our meetings and speaker. We welcome everyone.




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