Video Conferencing Check List & Tips

Whether participating in a Landing Expert video workshop or an interview practice, the following guide will help you prepare. To ensure a good experience and those of any other participants, you should always test your PC and capabilities well in advance of the meeting. Once a Landing Expert meeting starts, technical assistance is not available. So welcome and let’s get started!

Video Conference Set Up

Pre-requisites to ensure a timely start respectful of all participants requires you to download Zoom and test it in advance of the meeting.

ZOOM Video Conferencing will be used. Please sign up for Zoom in advance at Zoom is free and uses a Citrix platform.

  • Read the article ” The Ultimate Guide to Acing Video Interviews” on how to properly prepare and stage a video interview. The article provides technical information on how to set up a webcam and your physical environment.  Here is another very helpful article:

    How to ace your next online job interview

  • Test Zoom with someone else so you are familiar with how to use it. It is a fairly intuitive platform.

  • Once logged in, search for Gallery View so that all group members can see one another.
  • Ten (5 to 10) minutes before the video conference, you will receive an email asking to join the conference. Click on the link to the video conference. Then click on the launcher to complete the connection.

General Video Tips

Essentials to making sure you look your best in a video conference.

  • Make sure your face is well lit with no shadows.
  • Be cognizant of back-lighting which will darken your face (e.g., bright lights or windows behind you).
  • The camera should be eye level. Otherwise you will be looking down and perhaps create a double-chin effect.
  • Test your voice quality.
  • Have ear buds or a headset with built-in microphone in the event that your camera device doesn’t work or makes your voice sound weak.
  • Eliminate background distractions like sloppy bookshelves and paintings behind you. The focus should be on you.
  • Minimize noise. Barking dogs, children, and lawnmowers are not good.

Landing Expert Videos

Tell Me About Yourself

This is often the first, the most common, and, perhaps, the most important question you will be asked in an interview. You must know how to answer it correctly!  It is not only a way for you to describe yourself and frame your abilities, it is also an opportunity, Watch this video to learn why.

A Princeton Library Panel featuring Alex Freund

The Landing Expert, Alex Freund, discusses career strategies for college students and career planners.

Trapped in Unemployment

The chances of finding a job are grim for the four million long-term unemployed in the U.S., but Joe Carbone is looking to change that in his Connecticut town. Scott Pelley reports.

Brutal Job Search Reality for Older Americans Out of Work

Despite a rosier jobs picture in April, for Americans ages 55 or older who have been unemployed long-term, the prospect of finding work is greatly limited. Economic correspondent Paul Solman explores why older workers face joblessness and considerable financial strain.

How to Organize Your Day While In transition

This short video helps people in transition organize their day. It points out the specific activities recommended to follow in order to get connections, leads, referrals and hopefully invitations for interviews.

Read Your Interviewer, Talk in Their Language

When having a job interview you never know the type of person interviewing you. This short video will teach you how to identify the four types and provide guidance as to how to communicate better with each personality.

How to Improve Your Elevator Pitch for Jobs

Most peoples’ elevator pitch is lacking. They sound like everybody else and are not memorable. The elevator pitch has a goal. You want people to connect with you and follow up. Here are a few hints to improve yours.

LinkedIn versus the Résumé

In the past, the résumé was it. Times have changed, though, and employers check out candidates via their LinkedIn profiles. The LinkedIn profile provides much more of what a prospective employer is interested in: a candidate’s appearance, style, recommendations, endorsements, activity on social media, and much more.


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