What Do You Get

Here is what you get:

  • Interview prep and practice with a specialist who has 17 years of interview coaching experience and more than 1,300 clients.
  • Practice of interview questions, with instant feedback on strengths and suggestions on areas for improvement.
  • Feedback on nonverbal, body language communication with regard to posture, eye contact, and tone of voice, with the aim of avoiding negative unconscious behavior by sending the wrong message.
  • A Zoom recording of the session for future viewing.
  • An easy to follow and clear road map showing how to prepare for a job interview.
    Support material:
  • Template showing how to create your own answer to the interview request “Tell me about yourself,” with example.
  • Specific list of items for researching a company and the interviewer, and where to find such information.
  • Three-page list of common interview questions
  • List of strategic questions to ask the interviewer when prompted at end of first and follow-up interviews.
  • Suggested thank-you-letter example in response to the above questions.
  • List of short videos and relevant articles about how to improve body language communication and appearance.


  • Continue practicing interview questions from where we left off.
  • Learn how to answer a perceived deficiency or liability and how to develop personalized answers to such questions about yourself.
  • Practice with demonstration of how to answer behavioral-interview questions.
  • Role-specific practice for answering interview questions.

There are never any contracts to sign. YOU decide how many video interview practice sessions are right for you and pay only for that, prior to starting the session. A typical session is 90 minutes long. Most clients come for two sessions to get the full benefit. Each session is $360. My LinkedIn and Google My Business recommendations speak for themselves.