Welcome to Landing Expert Interview Practice.

Your next interview will focus on building a relationship and cultural fit.  Imagine a relaxed two-way dialogue instead of sitting in fear of the “dreaded question” you know is going to come up.

The Landing Expert Difference

I am a career coach. My specialty is interview preparation and practice.  I teach clients how to confront and survive the most challenging interview scenarios with grace and confidence. Most clients are job seekers (90%) and those contemplating a career or position change (10%).


  • Clients are videotaped in an interview simulation followed by a lively discussion.
  • Clients get “straight-talk” coaching.  This “tough-love” approach pinpoints their weaknesses quickly and lets them make real-time improvements in performance.
  • Interview practice techniques are customized for a wide range of professional backgrounds, age groups and learning styles.
  • Clients are trained to analyze an interviewer’s question then provide a focused response.
  • Clients are exposed to a variety of interview questions from across many industries.
  • Video and screen collaboration sessions are recorded for future viewing.
  • Clients have on-demand access to “in-transition” support.


  • Interview practice includes both verbal and non-verbal communication (i.e., body language and voice).
  • Based on my 17 years of experience with over 1300 clients worldwide, new clients are taught how to confront and survive the most challenging interview scenarios.
  • Clients have immediate access to my network of 30,000 Level 1 LinkedIn connections.
  • Clients and non-clients alike have access via my website to a searchable database of job search/networking groups.
  • To provide the greatest possible reach, I have communication skills in five (5) different languages and offer unlimited e-mail & phone support.

Who is Alex Freund?

Interview preparation by the Landing Expert

Interview practice by the Landing Expert

You can connect with me via email at alex@landingexpert.com     or call 609.333.8866.

  Please leave a voicemail.  I do not answer potential spam or unknown names or numbers.

In the past seventeen years, I’ve coached over 1300 clients across different industries and titles, received over 80 unsolicited LinkedIn recommendations, helping people to succeed in the interview process. As a former business executive, I had the opportunity to hire a very large number of people and am now sharing my knowledge and experience to benefit clients how to position themselves in order to get that job offer.

Your Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

My coaching style is personalized to your industry, function and needs. Sessions are generally 90 minutes and involves extensive interaction, role playing, demonstrating, identifying and overcoming your fears and obstacles, deconstructing the interview process and questions, and integrating my coaching tips right then and there. You are encouraged to record our sessions on your computer to reinforce tips and content discussed. We interact via Zoom which is important given that many hiring managers start with video interviews before bringing a candidate in.

During our first session, you will receive an honest opinion about the impression you make via your attire, physical background, and communication style including body language (non-verbal) communication.  I will provide feedback and advice for improvement aimed at increasing your self-confidence and comfort level with your presentation and communication skills — a challenge to most when it comes to selling themselves.

Subsequent sessions can cover career planning, communication, effective networking, social media, LinkedIn and salary negotiation….

You are entitled to phone and email support. You are not directed to Call Center.  This is a very personalized service and getting this especially at a time when you really need it “is worth every penny” as many of my clients told me.

Your Journey and Results are not a Cost but an Investment

You will benefit from your coaching investment several-fold. Most clients have reported an increased comfort and confidence in interviewing, being able to articulate answers and presenting themselves more favorably as the ideal candidate for the position.

But don’t take my word for it. Read first-hand recommendations of what previous clients say about their investment in my services. View my LinkedIn profile.

Start investing in YOU. Call and book now!

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