Services and Fees

Transparent Services and Fees to Meet Your Needs

Transparent Services and Fees to Meet Your Needs

I am an interview practice coach, but please DO NOT take this as a solicitation of your business. Absolutely not! I just want to be helpful to you, should you decide to work with me.



Some of the following concepts are from a book called Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success, by Dawn Graham. PhD

Questions—and My Answers

Q.  Is a free consultation available?

A.  Yes, provided that you read through this Q&A as well as consult my LinkedIn profile, which has more answers.

Q.  What is the cost? Is it too high? 

A.  The cost is $600 for three hours of coaching—which is typically split into two 90-minute sessions at $300 each —or $240 for only 60 minutes, which is for those needing help with salary negotiations.

Q.  How many sessions? how lengthy?

A.  This varies a lot. Some people are satisfied with twice 90 minutes and others come back several more times till they feel confident.  Very often people come back for a refresher just before the interview only for one hour at the discounted rate of $200 and not $240. But this is completely up to the individual to choose.

Q.  Am I asked to make payment up front? How?

A.  There’s no need to pay up front. Payment is expected at the end of each sessions via check, PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.

Q.  Should I inquire about the coach’s background and years of experience?

A.  As of October 2021, I’ve helped 1,200 clients during 15 years of practice.

Q.  Is it a set program, or is it tailored to a client’s needs?

A.  Initially the program covers certain basics, including tips on best video interviewing image.  Later, it is tailored to an individual’s profession or industry—for example, technology companies such as Amazon and Google, government jobs such as within the FBI, jobs for soon-to-be college graduates or recent graduates, and newly graduated medical doctors preparing for residency or internship interviews.

Q.  Do you offer candor and honesty, or am I treated as a transaction?

A.  I treat all clients with respect and demonstration of honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. Oh, and a sense of humor.  Sometimes I will share insights that your friends may know about you but have never told you.

Q.  Is the coach current with state-of-the-art trends and knowledge?

A.  Yes. When I’m not working with clients, I read articles and books relevant to my industry. I have written 250 articles and blogs that have been published at such websites as, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, my personal blog and LinkedIn profile.  I have presented to various groups, small and very large, in-person or via video for more than 500 times.






Q.  Is the coaching done in person? by phone? by video?

A.  During the pandemic, the coaching is being conducted exclusively via video such as Zoom.

Q.  Are the days and hours flexible enough to meet my needs?

A.  Yes. I work weekends too.

Q.  Do I have to sign a contract?

A.  No. Through my coaching, we establish personal relationship built on mutual trust.  This is not a legal transaction.

Q.  Is the coach a generalist or specializing in some aspects of career coaching?

A.  Fully 90% of clients have sought me out for my interview preparation and practice experience. The balance of clients are interested in general career coaching, LinkedIn advice, résumé preparation, or even long-term mentorship.

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3 thoughts on “Services and Fees

  1. Alfred Smith

    As a Career Counselor, I seek other coaches whose methodologies and focus are progressive and honest. I “met” Alex though a LinkedIn group of which we are both members. His posts were impressive and similar to the things I espouse. To make a potentially long story short, Alex is one of a small handful of career coaches I recommend in my own volunteer workshops. My description of him is, “Alex is probably the best interview coach I know.”

    Cost? Consider the cost of being hired one, two, six months earlier than you might be otherwise. The “cost” of a coach like Alex Freund is a small investment into your future.

    You cannot go wrong by adding Alex’s arrows to your job search quiver!

    Al Smith

  2. Daniel Lurie

    Goo Morning,

    I’ve never really known what I want to do regarding a career. I’m currently employed but I need to leave my current employment situation as soon as possible. I’m here because I’m looking for ideas on possible careers based upon my previous experience. I’d love to pick your brain.

    1. Alex Freund Post author

      Daniel, there is help out there for people like you. Under the umbrella of career coaching my specialty is interview preparation and practice but there are people who specialize in precisely what you need, i.e. helping clients identify future employment options based on past skills, experience and jobs in demand. Daniel, I do not monitor this site so often therefore my suggestion is for you to continue our correspondence via my regular email at
      Happy to help.


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