Services and Fees

Transparent Services and Fees to Meet Your Needs

Transparent Services and Fees to Meet Your Needs

What are interview practice sessions like?

Depending on your industry and your individual role in it, interview-practice sessions could include any of the following topics. Please be aware that not all of the topic items can be covered in a single session. Because about 50% of my sessions are conducted via video for clients unable to attend in-person meetings, some of the items would not be applicable. For your future use, you are encouraged to make smartphone audio recordings of all of our sessions. Video sessions can be recorded on your computer.

The first and most important aspect of the coaching is that I need to understand you, your professional background, and your career circumstances because interview practice is custom tailored to your specific needs. This is not a cookie cutter approach.

Following are the steps you and I will take.

  • We’ll review interview techniques overall and the criteria employers apply for hiring purposes.
  • We’ll mock-interview by using common interview questions as well as specific questions from the job description of an actual position you may be applying for.
  • I’ll videotape your answering common interview questions, and together we’ll analyze the recording and determine specific areas for improvement.
  • You’ll receive an instant feedback on your performance.
  • I’ll guide you in how to manage different kinds of interview scenarios—for example, telephone interviews, one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, Zoom video interviews, behavioral interviews, situational interviews, skill-based or competency-based interviews, and presentations.
  • Each session consists of our going through many interview questions and answers—from traditional questions to very challenging ones—for the purpose of your gaining self-assurance by practicing and being critiqued, with my making suggestions for good answers. The objective is for you to gain know-how and experience that will lead to self-confidence.
  • The interview is a competition and an audition and all parties know there is only one winner. Therefore, I will teach you how to develop winning strategies for organizing yourself, as well as planning for, researching, and closely focusing on your next job.
  • I’ll provide you with feedback on the first impression you make. I’ll comment on the appropriateness of your attire. I’ll assess your visual presentation, tone of voice, body language, and basic ability to build rapport during an interview.
  • We’ll talk about ways to overcome stress and nervousness, how to keep calm, how to maintain focus, and how to think on your feet throughout the interview so that you look assured and become able to project self-confidence.
  • We’ll work together at identifying your own key selling points, and we’ll design a strategy to convey them.
  • Jointly we will identify weaknesses and turn negatives into positives.
  • I’ll provide you with written strategic questions you should ask the interviewer, and I’ll recommend how to phrase them.
  • I will gladly debrief you after an actual job interview to help you analyze and discuss your performance and to identify and resolve before your next interview any weaknesses that occurred during the interview.
  • We can strategize next steps, discuss how to follow up after an interview, and—critically important—determine how to evaluate and negotiate a job offer. This step typically recovers the expense of your coaching sessions severalfold!

Schedule of Fees (Questions? Call 609-333-8866)

  • One full session  (3 hours –  split any way you wish)  $ 495
  • One hour $200

Cash, checks, and all major credit cards accepted.

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1 thought on “Services and Fees

  1. Alfred Smith

    As a Career Counselor, I seek other coaches whose methodologies and focus are progressive and honest. I “met” Alex though a LinkedIn group of which we are both members. His posts were impressive and similar to the things I espouse. To make a potentially long story short, Alex is one of a small handful of career coaches I recommend in my own volunteer workshops. My description of him is, “Alex is probably the best interview coach I know.”

    Cost? Consider the cost of being hired one, two, six months earlier than you might be otherwise. The “cost” of a coach like Alex Freund is a small investment into your future.

    You cannot go wrong by adding Alex’s arrows to your job search quiver!

    Al Smith


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