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Elevating Your Elevator Pitch

Elevating Your Elevator Pitch

Attractive and memorable

Are you at a loss of words when introduced to someone?

Want to provide a compelling pitch that has them wanting more?

As humans, we make judgments all the time about others. In fact, most judgments are made well under a minute. As they say, “you have only once to create a first impression” – a scary proposition for most job seekers.

Your elevator pitch is one of the most critical tools in your networking toolbox. You are responsible for communicating who you are and for what you want to be known.Imagine how many times you meet new people – at a meeting, an industry conference, at the grocery store, or riding mass transportation. What if you had the ability to transform each interaction into a meaningful network contact and ally within the first minute?

Alex Freund, “The Landing Expert”, will lead an engaging and interactive session designed for those re-entering the job market, in a job transition, or even those seeking to make a career move. Alex will highlight specific steps you can take to help you land your next career opportunity. You will get practical advice you can implement immediately that distinguishes you from the competition. By the end of the session, you will be more confident in speaking with strangers anytime, anywhere.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Learn how to create a personalized introduction that is memorable
  • Dissect the difference between an average and exceptional elevator pitch
  • Understand how others listen and interpret what you say
  • Identify your “hook” that will leave others clamoring to speak with you
  • Create a powerful elevator pitch