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Do You Want a Job or the Right Job?

Do You Want a Job or the Right Job?

You want a great job and not any job.

Do you want a job or the right job?  This a great question.  As a career coach, I talk mostly with two kinds of people: employed or in transition to another job. Sadly, people in both groups have one thing in common: most of them are unhappy. For those in transition, the unhappiness is self-explanatory, but why such a high level of unhappiness for those who are lucky to have an employer?

Several recent articles cover this subject. People who still work spend longer hours at it, and they face higher levels of stress. There’s no question that employee satisfaction is at an all-time low and that it has an impact on people’s health as well as relationships with family and friends.

A study found that in the United States, 55% of employees were not satisfied with their jobs! This is the highest level of dissatisfaction ever recorded, and the trend toward such dissatisfaction has strengthened steadily in the past 25 years. That means that unhappiness in the workplace is not directly related to the current economic downturn.

Unhappiness at work is not isolated. Unfortunately, it affects not only the unhappy people themselves but also those surrounding them. A recent Swedish study found a direct link between one’s relationship with one’s manager and the impact that that relationship has on one’s health: men who had toxic supervisors increased their risk of heart attack by 50%. A different study revealed that people of average height who felt unhappy at work added as much as five pounds to their weight.

A different, long-term study dealing with the impact of unhappiness at work confirmed that there is a strong correlation between one’s job satisfaction and one’s life satisfaction. Clearly, our thoughts, our emotions, and our performance on the job affect our behaviors away from the job and thus are affecting our loved ones.

What a job seeker can learn from all this is that it is of utmost importance to find out about a company’s culture, about the work conditions there, and as much as possible about the person one will report to before accepting the job. The sad—but practical—part is that even if one gets a great job at a great company with a great boss, in today’s economy things change so fast, and many of those changes are totally out of the control of the employee. So, what does one need so that work life harmonizes relationships and doesn’t destroy them? Luck—lots of it.

Networking for the Job Search

Networking for the Job Search

Networking has become more challenging and yet exponentially easier at the same time. We hear about networking all the time, but what is it and how do you do it? It is a crucial skill to master whatever profession you are in.

Networking at an early age

Networking at an early age

Often people think networking must be a quid quo pro for both parties. Great networkers recognize this isn’t the case. In this session, you will learn that people are willing to network with you once three factors have been met.

With 80% of job landings not announced in the open market, networking is essential in uncovering the hidden market.  It is a “must have” skill considering that the average person will have 8 to 12 job changes in their lifetime.

Networking extends beyond the mere exchange of business cards. Skilled networkers recognize that relationships need to be cultivated and nurtured over time. Tips will be shared on how to strengthen your network seamlessly.

If your goal is to increase your skills and reduce your anxiety about meeting other people and networking, this event is perfect for you.

During this session, you will:

  • Identify where and how to network in today’s world
  • Learn why a Level 2 LinkedIn connection is more valuable than a 1st level connection
  • Learn how to ask for a networking meeting
  • Identify the three critical factors in the networking proposition
  • Eliminate your networking jitters


Navigating Your Way to Re-employment

Navigating Your Way to Re-employment

Did you know you can significantly improve your odds of getting the job you want by developing new job search skills and improving your personal motivation?

Navigating Your Way to Re-employment

Yey!! Back to work!

Whether you’re re-entering the job market, recently in transition or contemplating a career move, join us for our next engaging session featuring Alex Freund, “the landing expert.” Alex will highlight specific steps you can take to help you land your next career opportunity. You’ll get practical advice you can implement immediately to stand apart from the competition.

During this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • The value of job search resources available to those in transition
  • Where to find help and assess your readiness if you’re re-entering the job market
  • The two critical steps to getting a new job—and how to prepare in detail for each step
  • How to outshine the competition in the race for that coveted job
  • The key marketing materials to brand yourself and attract employers

PLEASE RSVP to Nancy Stek at nancys@njlap.org — she needs to know how much food to order!