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Your next interview can focus on building a relationship and cultural fit, rather than worrying about how you are going to answer the next question.  Imagine a relaxed two-way dialogue instead of sitting in fear of the “dreaded question” you know is going to come up.

The Landing Expert Difference

I have a genuine interest in helping you succeed and bringing the best you to an interview. Our sessions occur in a comfortable setting helping you step into the interview with knowledge and confidence. There is absolutely no pressure and we progress at your own pace. It’s personalized coaching focused on YOU. Sessions are custom tailored designed to provide you with immediate benefits. Most clients say they appreciate the personal attention and feel much more comfortable interviewing. Another difference is that there are no up-front fees or contracts for you to sign. You’ll pay only at the end of each session. You decide how many sessions are right for you. Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted.

Interview preparation can not be accomplished by reading about it in a book. It takes one-on-one practice to become good at it.

Who is Alex Freund?

In the past eight years, I’ve coached over 550 clients across different industries and titles, received over 50 unsolicited LinkedIn recommendations, helping people to succeed in the interview process. As a former business executive, I had the opportunity to hire hundreds of people and am now sharing how to position you in order to get that job offer.

Your Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

My coaching style is tailored to your needs. Sessions are generally three hours in length and involve a lot of interaction, identifying and overcoming your fears and obstacles, deconstructing the interview process and questions, and integrating my coaching tips right then and there. You are encouraged to record our sessions to reinforce tips and content discussed.

Face-to-face sessions are best as they most closely replicate an actual interview. However, half of my clients across the U.S. and international utilize video interviewing (Skype, Facetime, Zoom) which is also important given that many hiring managers start with video interviews before bringing a candidate in.

During our first session, you will receive an honest opinion about the impression you make via your attire and communication style. We’ll tape a short video interview, and I will provide feedback and advice for improvement aimed at increasing your self-confidence and comfort level with your presentation and communication skills — a challenge to most when it comes to selling themselves.

Subsequent sessions cover career planning, communication, effective networking, social media, LinkedIn and salary negotiation….

You are entitled to unlimited and prompt phone and e-mail support. This is a very personalized service and getting this especially at a time when you really need it “is worth every penny” as many of my clients told me.

Your Journey and Results

You will benefit from your coaching investment several-fold. Most clients have reported an increased comfort and confidence in interviewing, being able to articulate answers and presenting themselves more favorably as the right candidate for the position.

But don’t take my word for it. Read first-hand recommendations of what previous clients say about their investment in my services. View my LinkedIn profile.

So why waste another day in your job search or career transition? Today is the opportunity to invest in you and your career. And, as your interview coach, you can be confident that you are at the center of our interactions.

Start investing in YOU. Call and book now!

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