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Healing stories  


I'm recovering increasingly well from my colostomy. [Colostomy is a surgical procedure that involves connecting a part of the colon onto the anterior abdominal wall] The operation went well, the doctors were very surprised at how few adhesions there were from the previous (two) surgeries. My wife and I feel that the Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions played a huge role in my situation. It makes sense to me! I did have a blockage about two weeks ago but Jin Shin Jyutsu and dietary changes seem to have helped that pass. Now I'm just trying to exercise and regain my strength. The pain that I had for the past two years seems to be gone, and I'm no longer on pain medication. That is a tremendous relief.

Thank you so much for your help.

Tony D

Peace of mind

I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your help. I have seen a transformation in Tony, from skeptic to having a deep respect for the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It has helped us through some hard times, and I believe it is healing both of us physically and mentally. You are a gentle, silent healer. When you, visited Tony in the hospital, the wife of his roommate was impressed by your quiet, subtle presence along with the positive energy. I know that she plans to contact you.

Many thanks

Sharon D



Thank you so much for Saturday. I noticed a change right away. I especially see it during meditation, where the only way I can describe it is that my right and my left sides seem to be in balance, and my "center" is really in the center. Hope that makes sense.

Nan S



Thank you very much for your Jin Shin Jyutsu presentation, and have been practicing it on my own, In fact, when I had a headache and held my palms then used the prayer position, I found the pain lessening as I became more aware of the pulsing in my fingers. In addition, several women approached me to say how much they enjoyed your presentation. I even received a thank you card from one attendee who thought it was a wonderful method for calming the mind, and increasing ones ability to concentrate effectively.

Ann R  



When my 84 year old father, had a stroke, we rushed him to the hospital. I recalled that in my Jin Shin Jyutsu class you talked about some hand positions to be used on stroke victims. When I called you, you advised me what to do. Unbelievable, though it seems by the time my father was transferred to his room drooping mouth showed tremendous improvement. By the time we took him home he was doing well, and within a short time he regained his normal life. There are not enough words to thank you.

Sarah D


Knee pain

I decided to try some Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions for my knee issues. I have been suffering with a bad knee for a while and the doctors wanted to give me a knee replacement, but hesitated to do so since I have had surgery a few months ago and did not want to expose me to anesthesia again.

During my very first Jin Shin Jyutsu session I went slept like a baby.

I went for my next session and told you that a miracle happened; my knee is so much better I cannot get over it. Although the pain moved to a different part of the knee, it is much less severe. As we did additional sessions, I kept getting better and better. My family is noticing that I am walking with ease. A couple of weeks later the pain returned and there was some swelling, but with your help, the swelling and pain eased.

Just before our vacation you suggested some Self Help hand positions to use during my vacation which I practiced diligently. My knee pain is gone and I am feeling much better.

I can't stop singing your praises,

Many, many thanks

Frank P