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Learn to Re-enter the Job Market

Princeton Adult School

People in transition take classes in Princeton via the Adult School



Classes are held on October 4, 18, 25 and November 1 and 15

Objectives, Career Plan, Strategy

This five-part series is designed to provide a roadmap for any one re-entering the job market – even those who may be seeking a new position for the first time in many years, a career change, a promotion or those wanting to develop their professional identity.

Alex Freund, also known as “The Landing Expert,” will share the market’s newest strategies and tactics that can shorten your search to landing timeline.

A framework will be provided enabling you to develop your personal toolkit week by week. You will examine the job search process from the hiring manager’s point of view and how to present your best self on paper and in person. You will identify short-term and long-term actions to meet your desired goal

Each session will show case today’s most effective tools and techniques for break-through results. All sessions are highly interactive and include the opportunity to practice newly learned skills including answering challenging interview questions.

By attending this first session on Objectives, Career Plan, Strategy, you will:

  • Get grounded in the job search process
  • Analyze the construct of a compelling introduction
  • Examine the hiring manager’s priorities
  • Evaluate your value proposition
  • Create a powerful introduction

By attending this second session on Networking, you will:

  • Understand what networking is and isn’t
  • Identify spheres of opportunity
  • Learn how to comfortably network with any one
  • Set yourself up for success in every interaction
  • Practice and overcome your nervousness

By attending this third session on The Resume and LinkedIn, you will:

  • Examine hiring from the other side of the desk
  • Learn why you don’t need a resume to become a candidate
  • Separate the facts from the fluff
  • Compare blah to outstanding LinkedIn profiles
  • Identify the key components missing in your profile to ensure you shine vs. the competition

By attending this fourth session on Communication, you will:

  • Key in on keywords
  • Formulate why “you” are the best candidate for the position
  • Study hidden and non-hidden communications and behaviors
  • Delve into the merits of available communication channels
  • Recognize that communication is more than skin deep
  • Practice interview skills

By attending this fifth session on Compensation Negotiations & Wrap Up, you will:

  • See that there’s always room to negotiate beyond the offer
  • Recognize that negotiations are merely a dance
  • Identify tools to empower you during the negotiation process
  • Examine what’s negotiable
  • Learn how to negotiate the best deal for you



Resume Tune-up and LinkedIn Workshop

FREE resume and LinkedIn workshop

FREE resume and LinkedIn workshop

I am offering again a FREE community service at the Trinity Church of Princeton http://www.trinityprinceton.org/ in the form of a “Resume Tune-up and LinkedIn Workshop”.  Participants will walk away with knowledge about subjects such as; the resume appearance, how to avoid common resume mistakes, what constitutes an effective resume, the effective way of using keywords in addition to many pertinent tips for resume improvements.  We will also discuss what constitutes an effective LinkedIn profile.  Who is this workshop for?  It is mostly recommended for people who are currently in transition or others who are considering changing jobs.

Where: Trinity Church – 33 Mercer Street Princeton, NJ 08540

When: Monday, January 18, 2016 from 1:00 pm to approx. 4:00 pm

How to sign up:  Click on this URL: http://goo.gl/forms/Vm8a1zdL0L

to provide your contact information and click on “Submit” to receive an automatic confirmation.

Next step:  On or before Sunday, January 17 you will get an email with further instructions.

Trinity Church is limiting attendance to a maximum of 80 people.  As soon as we reach this number the signup sheet will become inactive.

If you wish to learn more about my background please click on the links below in my electronic signature.


Alex Freund — 609.333.8866

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/alexfreundCareerCoach

Check out where I present next: http://www.landingexpert.com/events/month/

Visit my website: www.landingexpert.com



LinkedIn Profile Is More Important Than Résumé

LinkedIn profile versus the resume

LinkedIn profile versus resume

LinkedIn profile versus resume

Yes, your LinkedIn profile is more important than your resume! Do I shock you with this declaration? Think again. Your résumé is typically being sent to individuals, to recruiters, or as a job application, which has limited exposure. Yet your LinkedIn profile is open to literally the entire world around the clock. Moreover, as I understand it, LinkedIn is now considered the choice tool by recruiters and human resources professionals because it is so user-friendly and searchable.

Having a picture is very important

If you think like I do, then you may want to revisit your LinkedIn profile and make a few easy improvements. For example, upload a professionally produced photo to enhance your image. Make sure the tagline contains a good description of what you do. The Twitter feature should be used frequently and appropriately. The summary section should be your marketing piece. Your current and past positions should be clear. Don’t say too much; rather, make them intriguing. Include a few but strong accomplishments in your bulleted items. Keywords pertinent to your profession should be listed as well. Listing your specialties offers additional, specific information that enhances your chances to distinguish yourself.

Stay active with LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you upload various applications. Take advantage of that. Recruiters like to see that you have several recommendations. After all, they have to sell you to their clients. Recommendations serve as strong support for your candidacy because they come from others. Everything else you say in your LinkedIn profile comes from you, and in this case you’re a salesperson selling a product, which is yourself. If you have a Web site or blog posts, list them. Belonging to several professional groups also enhances your image. Similarly, if you’ve received honors and awards, they should be listed. You also should include some interests because you’ll be selected not only for your qualifications but also for your fit factor.

And finally, review your personal settings. There may be great qualifications listed on your Linkedin profile, but if you limit those you allow to view the profile, who do you think is losing out?