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Why Can’t I Get That Job?

Why Can't I Get that Job?

What do I need to do to get that job?

How often do you feel that you were a perfect fit for the position but did not get the offer?  You may have felt that you provided impressive answers, connected with the interviewer, had the exact experience wanted, met all their requirements, and even sent but timely follow up notes. Despite your extensive efforts, the company awarded the position to another candidate. If only you could understand why you did not get that job.

This presentation will open your eyes as to why you may not have won the position or may have never been in the running as a viable candidate. Alex Freund, The Landing Expert, shares what won’t be revealed to you by Human Resources or hiring managers. Based on his observations and experiences as a career search expert and someone who has hired hundreds of employees as a corporate leader, he will pull back the curtain on the interviewing process and why you weren’t “the one.”

Attending will enable you to identify potential signals as to what’s really going on.  You’ll become empowered to ask questions and act strategically so that you become the candidate who gets the offer.

In this session, you will:

  • Identify those things that rule out most candidates right away
  • Explore the “secret culture and decision making process” that exists in most every organization
  • Learn what to say when the hiring manager asks if you have any questions
  • Understand why and how someone will be an advocate for you



Navigating Your Way to Re-employment

Navigating Your Way to Re-employment

Navigating Your Way to Re-employment

Did you know you can significantly improve your odds of getting the job you want by developing new job search skills and improving your personal motivation?

Whether you’re re-entering the job market, recently in transition or contemplating a career move, join us for our next engaging session featuring Alex Freund, “the landing expert.” Alex will highlight specific steps you can take to help you land your next career opportunity. You’ll get practical advice you can implement immediately to stand apart from the competition.

During this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • The value of job search resources available to those in transition
  • Where to find help and assess your readiness if you’re re-entering the job market
  • The two critical steps to getting a new job—and how to prepare in detail for each step
  • How to outshine the competition in the race for that coveted job
  • The key marketing materials to brand yourself and attract employers


Penetrating the Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market

The hidden job market

It is a tight job market out there. You feel like you are in a bad episode of “survival of the fittest.” You question how to find a job in a tide of corporate downsizings and restructurings. You are working hard, but finding quality jobs are not easy to come by.

It seems the “hidden job market” is a big secret that every job seeker is clamoring to understand. While it may feel elusive, it isn’t. The great news is, this workshop reveals that you have always been able to tap into the hidden job market. You don’t need an invitation, you just need to know how to access it.

So how do you get hired? Ideally, you want to find an opportunity where there are fewer competing candidates in order to increase your chances. Alex Freund, The Landing Expert, will reveal how to systematically develop your game plan gaining a competitive edge on those “hidden jobs” even before they are announced.

In a tough economy, companies may be reluctant to spend on recruiting, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hiring. Alex’s actionable insights and recommendations will allow you to shift your search so that you are first in the door and why a company may even create a position for you.

The rational side of your brain tells you employers are always looking for good candidates. And now you’ll know how a smart job searcher becomes the good candidate who gets the offer!

In this session, you will:

  • Examine why some positions are never posted
  • Navigate how to find hidden jobs
  • See that your next position could be hiding in plain sight
  • Learn how to generate new leads and prospects
  • Gain a competitive edge over others in the market