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Branding For Landing

Branding for Landing by Alex Freund

Everyone has a personal brand.

This is a virtual meeting via Zoom.  Sign up by emailing Marty Latman at MartyLatman@gmail.com no later than Thursday at 10:00 am with your name, email address and phone number.  In the subject line say “NJSENG meeting with Alex Freund.

Are you over thinking how to get that job?

Did you know there are essentially two steps to getting a job?

What does it take to stand out in the world of work?

Everyone has a personal brand. The question is, does your brand accurately represent who you are? It serves to reason that a strong brand is preferable to a weak one. In this session, Alex Freund, The Landing Expert, shares how to create a strong, compelling brand that will have companies wanting you for the position.

Companies spend millions every year building their brands. They are carefully crafted and vigorously defended. You need to put the same effort into your brand.

Looking at the job search process, hiring managers and human resource officials determine evaluate you quickly and based on few inputs.  The good news is you have the opportunity to stand out.

Delivering your brand clearly and consistently is just as important, but first you need to understand what a brand is and isn’t. Alex explores “branding” and the art of creating a distinct brand for yourself. He will share which variables are most often used by Human Resources determining whether to call you in for an interview or not.

So whether you want to learn how create your own brand, become known in a new career field, or attract interviews, it may boil down to the quality of your brand.

During this event, you will:

  • Look at the concept of brand is (and isn’t)
  • Explore what it takes to build your awesome brand
  • Learn what it takes to be the candidate
  • Be taught how to position yourself to hear “Yes. It’s you we want.”
  • Examine determinants of your brand
  • Gain valuable insights to landing a job and doing the “happy dance”

Value Proposition, Branding, Marketing and more for Job-Seekers



MAY 29, JUNE 5, 12, 19, 26. 


Hopewell Train Station Workshop

5 hours of mock-interviewing practice

Are you wondering why does it take so long to find the right job? Wish there was a way to land your ideal job faster? Then this program is for you! Whether a job seeker, career transitioner, re-entering the workforce, or seeking career management tips for advancement, this program will guide you step by step through the process.

Most job seekers erroneously start their search with a resume followed by a flurry of unproductive activities and tasks. This Wild West approach – bullets aimed in a general direction with high hopes of landing guarantees frustration, discouragement, lack of confidence and anxiety. Seekers are mystified why interviews elude them when are so busy.

Consider there is a better way. Looking at how companies launch products, you realize they aren’t just tossed in the market with hopes for the best. There are critical sequential components that are in place before the advertising begins. Job seekers can benefit by following a similar structured and systematic approach. In your case, you are the product and your success can be defined as landing the job you want, at the salary you want, with the employer you want.

Winning the Job Search

It feels good getting back to work

Alex Freund, “The Landing Expert,” leverages his corporate experience as a hiring manager and as an experienced interview specialist having worked with hundreds of job seekers from diverse industries and backgrounds. He has designed this program to provide job seekers a systematic roadmap in their job search.

In these five, highly interactive two-hour session program, Alex shares why some candidates land more quickly and how you can too! At each presentation a critical path point is revealed providing you a framework for your own success. You’ll learn why you should never start your search with a resume. Each session also includes interviewing (Alex’s area of specialty) and how to respond to those common, difficult, embarrassing, and “gotcha” questions.


  • Examine a new pathway for job search
  • Define personal value proposition
  • Identify elements of a strong personal value proposition
  • Learn what makes you valuable and how to build your powerful personal value proposition
  • Experiential, interview skill building exercises


  • Define personal branding
  • Discover the 5 distinct characteristics of a compelling personal brand
  • Identify your brand attributes to construct your brand
  • Examine common misperceptions about personal branding
  • Experiential, interview skill building exercises


  • Assess past, outdated and current marketing methods
  • Identify “must have” marketing materials
  • Determine your target audiences and how to reach them
  • Compare the nuances of “push” vs. “pull” marketing
  • Experiential, interview skill building exercises


  • Examine what advertising is and isn’t
  • Learn what makes advertising effective
  • Explore forms of personal advertising
  • Understand what advertising options are optimal in a job search
  • Experiential, interview skill building exercises


  • Review key concepts presented in program
  • Share and refine personal value propositions
  • Open Q&A

NOTICE: A copy of the presentation and supplemental materials will be forwarded to each participant via email the day after each class.

Here is where you sign up: https://bit.ly/2IKUSOe


*** For alternate payment methods email your inquiry to alex@landingexpert.com ***

How to Find a Job in This Job Market

How to Find a Job

Today’s job market is super-competitive

Want to find a job?

I want to preface this by stating that I have been a practicing career coach for over eight years, during which time I have helped almost 600 job seekers. Every case is unique because no two circumstances are alike, but ultimately there is a lot of commonality between job seekers. Finding a job, especially in today’s job market, is supercompetitive, so let’s not forget that. In principle, there are two significant steps every job seeker has to master. Without that mastery, chances are slim for getting a job. The first step involves the résumé, and the second, interviewing skills.


The résumé is the most important document a job seeker needs. At the résumé submission stage, the competition is fierce. An advertised position could draw literally hundreds and hundreds of résumés. The quality of such résumés of course varies from blatantly poor to stunningly excellent. In the middle are several that are very good. Sorry, though, but those will not be in the running. Why should a human resources rep, a recruiter, or even a hiring manager consider those when plenty of excellent résumés have been submitted to select from? My point is that only excellent résumés will be considered.

So, how does one produce an excellent résumé? After years and years and seeing hundreds of résumés myself, I am completely convinced that it takes a professional résumé writer to do that. Statistically speaking, the vast majority of job seekers initiate their own résumés. Next, they ask others whose opinions they respect to comment and possibly edit. And by accepting others’ recommendations, they’re thus covering a patch with a patch.

At times, a résumé morphs into something very different from what it started out to be. With all due respect to those who are willing to help others in need, the fact is that most of those people are simply not professionals at writing résumés. They want to help and are doing their best, but the final product will not be at the excellent level. Opposite this are professional résumé writers, some of whom are certified, have years of successful experience, and strive to be good at this service because their livelihood depends on it. They keep taking courses to learn what’s new, and they clearly know what sells. They not only craft a good-looking résumé, but they know how to weave in the right keywords and in sufficient numbers. Without the right keywords, résumés go into a black hole and may stay there for a very long time, if not indefinitely. Many people declare themselves professional résumé writers to attract clients. Best is to use one who comes highly recommended by several people. Their fees vary, but I’ve learned that you get what you pay for.

Interview Preparation

This is the area I specialize in. Again, from my experience I conclude that only a tiny fraction of the population is innately good at interviewing. Job interviewing essentially calls for being an actor onstage. Many people phone me, say, two days before they’re scheduled for a critical interview. This is not enough time to prepare. It takes practice to review common interview questions and be ready to answer them proficiently.

The interview process involves not only going through the motions but also understanding interviewers’ thinking. When interviewers ask about your weaknesses, do you know what they mean? Do you know what you’re being tested on?

Interviewing well can be learned. It is certainly not as complex as brain surgery. It just takes practice till you feel confident. And if you exude confidence, the interviewer senses that. Congratulations! An offer is coming your way.