Speakers and Topics for Transition Support Meetings


 Transition Support Members:

Tri State Presenters

Most Transition Support groups are now holding virtual meetings due to the Corona Virus, and will continue doing so until the pandemic ends. This anomaly has created a most unique opportunity to invite speakers from other parts of the Tri-State area to present to your group live via the internet. These speakers, who may like to reach a wider audience, may now seriously consider accepting an invitation to address your group, especially since they can do so from the comfort and convenience of their home or office via WebEx, Zoom, Facebook, or another electronic medium. What once seemed too far away to travel to, is now just a click away.

Group facilitators, take advantage of this unique opportunity to invite some of the Tri-State speakers below to talk to speak with your group in order to obtain fresh new ideas and approaches in tackling the job market.

Also, going forward, when things return to normal, you may want to consider holding simultaneous live in-person and virtual meetings in order to reach as many members as possible. In addition, since all of these virtual meetings are now being telecasted, consider recording them for future use. Especially for members who for some reason or another could not attend the live telecast, but would like to view them at a later date.

Thank you and Stay Healthy,

Tom Donohue



Speakers Who Presented in New Jersey:

Eli Amdur:

  • Looking At 2020 With 20/20 Vision.

 Mark Beal:

  • 101 Lessons to Achieve Job Search Success: Defining Your Brand as One That Delivers Irreplaceable Value.

Bill Belknap:

  • Preparing for an Interview.
  • What Has Worked and What Has Not in Your Job Search.

Keith Bogen:

  • Stop Looking for A Job, Start Building A Career

Cheryl Bonder:

  • Positive Transformation and Behavior Changes.

Tony Calabrese:

  • Recognizing Your Accomplishments.

Paul Cecala:

  • Listening Skills Create an Effective Network.
  • Work Search Buddies: Finding Success with a Little Help from a Friend.
  • Project Planning Your Job Search: A Practical Work Search Methodology.
  • Background Checks and References: What are employers learning about you?

Toni Denson:

  • Are You Resistant or Unable to Adapt to Technology Change.

Lloyd Feinstein:

  • How to Better Manage the Age Issue.
  • Death by Document – the Marketing Resume.
  • Strategies for Keeping Your Job: How to be a Good Subordinate.
  • How to Introduce Yourself, Crafting the Elevator and 2 Minute Pitch
  • Interviewing Basics: What to do Before, During and After Any Interview.
  • P-A-R Theory and Use Workshop. The Best Method for Communicating Your Value.

Alex Freund:

  • Why Can’t I Get That Job.
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job.
  • LinkedIn: It’s About Being Found.
  • Why Are Video Interviews So Important.
  • How to Deal with Long Term Unemployment.
  • Four Essential Steps to Next Job – Value Proposition for Job Seekers.

Matthew Goerke:

The Memory Switch.

Michael Goldberg:

  • Knock Out Networking: More Prospects, Referrals and Interviews.

Jan Goodman:

  • Learning the Language of the Multi-Generational Workplace.

John West Hadley:

  • Build Your Interview Skills
  • Become a Master Networker.
  • The Needs Assessment Interview.
  • Land the Job and Pay You Deserve.
  • The 5 C’s of an Effective Marketing Message.
  • How Do You Measure Your Job Search Success
  • Coping with the Strain of Your Search on Relationships.

Ed Han:

  • LinkedIn: Beyond Your Profile.
  • LinkedIn Comes to Praise Your Resume, Not Bury It.
  • Throw the LinkedIn Switch: Every Setting You Need for Your Job Search.

Chip Hartman:

  • The Marketing Magic of a Rock-Solid Value Proposition.

Joey Himelfarb:

  • Selling Yourself.
  • Your Bad Attitude is Like a Flat Tire. Unless You Change it, You Won’t Get Very Far.

Hanan M. Isaacs:

  • Essential Principles of Employment Law for Workers or Those in Transition.

Bart Jackson:

  • Getting a Grip on Your Career, Wiser Choices.

Tony Kanak:

  • Selling Yourself: A Study in the Best Approach to Interviews, Negotiations and Sales.

Helene Klaassens:

  • Who Are You.
  • Networking vs. Not-Working

Abby Kohut:

  • Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You to Know.
  • Top 10 Steps to Employability – What They Are and Why They Matter.
  • Success for the Seasoned Search, The Benefit of Being Overqualified
  • Going Undercover: Revealing the Deep Dark Secrets of The Recruiting World.

Gary Lande:

  • Developing Your Master Resume.
  • Cover Letters/Thank You Letters: The Underutilized Job Search Tools.

Kenneth Lang:

  • How to use LinkedIn… From an Expert.
  • Keeping Up with the Latest LinkedIn Changes.

Ralph Lardieri:

Manage Stress and Bring Your Best Energy During Your Job

Marty Latman:

  • In Transition, Now What Do I Do?
  • AGEISM: The Elephant in the Room.
  • Getting Interviews through Successful Networking.
  • Stepping Out of the Crowd: Making a Powerful Elevator Pitch.

Scott Leibowitz:

  • What’s Your Story.

David Light:

  • Burning My Resume

Lynnell Lindsay:

  • Tips and Techniques for Managing Our Personal Styles (Myers Briggs).

Janet Logan:

  • How to Use Networking for Your Job Search.


David Malchman:

  • Career Transition and Finding Your Voice.

Christine Marinelli:

  • Resume Writing and Interview Tips.

Lauren Markon:

  • Make LinkedIn Work for You.

Ana McCarthy and Peggy Pascale:

  • Digging to the Core: Understanding and Bringing Your Best Self to the Interview.

George Pace:

  • The Future of Work, How will you Keep Pace.

Glenn Pasch:

  • Does Social Media Really Matter for the Job Seeker.

Mike Palestina:

  • Mindfulness in Leadership and Life.

Debbie Pavlo and Robin Cooney:

  • Workshop on Resume and LinkedIn Tips and Tricks.

Lisa Rangel:

  • How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate 6-Figure Job Interviews Faster.
  • How to Design a Powerful Resume to Land Six-Figure Job Interviews and Get the Offer.

Janelle Razzino:

  • Mediocre to Magnificent.
  • Answering the Salary Question.
  • Reach Out and Touch Someone.
  • Chicken Soup for the Job Seeker’s Soul.
  • What’s my Line? Canned or Not – You Have Got to be You.
  • Ideas to Restore Hope in the Process of the JOB SEARCH…add a Little Magic.

Amy Raditz:

  • Who Am I Anyway?

Tamarra Causley Robinson:

  • How to Deal with the Impact of a Job Loss on Family and Relationships

David Schuchman:

  • Networking 101.
  • How to Work as a Consultant.
  • Uncovering the Hidden Job Market.
  • What Do You Do When You Can’t Do What You Do Anymore?

Steven Schumer:

  • Four Lessons from (Almost) 40 Years With IBM.

Terry Seamon:

  • SMART Moves.
  • Staying Motivated
  • Galvanize into Action.
  • The Proactive Job Hunter.
  • The Hustle Success Factor.
  • The Five Habits of Highly Effective Job Hunters.

Ken Sher:

  • How to Handle Difficult Interview Challenges.
  • Surviving and Thriving After a Job Loss When You’re +/- 50 Years-Old.

Eileen Sinett:

  • Body Language for Job Seekers.

Linda Trignano:

  • Ace the Interview
  • Overcoming Challenges and Assumptions in Your Job Search.

Valerie Williams:

  • Preparing for the Job Hunt.
  • Kick Start Your Job Search.

Al Woller:

  • Financial Decisions to Make During a Job Transition.

Speakers Who Presented at The New York Science, Industry and Business Library: 

Jim Arnoff:

  • Owning Your Power in Your Career….It’s Yours for the Taking.
  • Envisioning, Declaring, and Pursuing Your True Career Passion.
  • Upping My Game and Embracing Change…Time to Make That Career Change.
  • The Ultimate Confidence Building Workshop….Being Fully Aligned in Your Career.

Chip Conlin:

  • Re-Energizing Your Job Search
  • Handling Difficult Interview Questions.
  • How to Turn Job Interviews into Offers.
  • Building a Great Resume and Cover Letter.

John Crant:

  • Resume Renovation.
  • Charting Your Career Transition.
  • The Self-Recruiter Interview Checklist.
  • Preparing Your Career Narrative for a New Industry.
  • Building Your Professional Network with LinkedIn and How to Use It in Your Job Search.

Celia Currin:

  • What is and where is hiding the Hidden Job Market.

Steven Davis:

  • An Interviewing State of Mind.
  • Making First Impressions During the Interview Process
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Yourself on Your Resume and LinkedIn.

Dylan DeYoung:

  • Your Job Search is a Full Time Job: How to Manage Your Job Search.


Kaiser Fung:

  • Learn How to Break into the Data Science and Analytics Careers.

Dr. Amy Geffen:

  • Finding the Hidden Job Market.
  • Overcoming Ageism in Your Job Search.

Marc W. Halpert:

  • LinkedIn for Performing Artists.
  • How the Heck Do I xyz on LinkedIn?

Robert Hellmann:

  • Planning and Organizing a Job Search Campaign.
  • Resume Intensive – Craft A Message that Lands Interviews.
  • Become the Perfect Candidate: Tap into the Hidden Job Market.
  • Your Resume vs. Your LinkedIn Profile – What You Need to Know.

Theodore Henderson:

  • The Future Is Now: Creating Your Career in Cybersecurity.

David Lees:

  • Overcoming Career Obstacles
  • Marketing Yourself with Confidence.

Kristina Leonardi:

  • Stepping Stones for Success.
  • Who Are You and What Are You Supposed to Be Doing with Your Life.
  • Staying Motivated Throughout the Job Search Process: How Losing Your Job is a Good Thing.

Sherry Natkow:

  • Strengthen Your Resume.
  • Keep the Momentum Going.
  • Thinking of a Career Change.
  • Elevator Pitch — Don’t Wing It.
  • Creating a Memorable LinkedIn Summary.

Ruth Robins:

  • Nailing the Interview with Problem-Action-Results Stories.

Teresa San Roman and Marzena Ermler:

  • Job Search Planning and Tips for Mature Workers.

Renee Lee Rosenberg:

  • Ace the Interview.
  • Older Workers Rock: Job Search Over 50 Plus.
  • Be Your Promise: Staying Positive During a Difficult Job Search.
  • Strategies to Create a Positive Job Search No Matter What Your Age.

Win Sheffield:

  • Your Resume Made Simple.
  • Career Management for Introverts.
  • Making Your Job Campaign a Success
  • Refreshing Our Approach to Networking.
  • Claim Your Power in the Interview Game.
  • Pitch Perfect – Introducing Yourself Made Easy.
  • Reigniting Your Job Campaign in the New Year.
  • Figuring Out What You Want to Do and How to Get it.
  • Organizing Your Job Campaign for Success and Sanity.
  • How to use LinkedIn for Research and to Advertise Yourself.
  • Master Your Stories to Master Your Career: Develop Your Brand, Share Your Story
  • The Strategic Resume: How to Make Your Resume Serve You and Get the Meeting.
  • Wow Them with Your Accomplishments: Learn How to Tell the Stories that Sell You.

Margaret Sweeney:

  • Creating Resumes and Cover Letters That Work.

Speakers Who Presented in New York:

Cliff Ennico:

  • The Four Horsemen of Corporate America.

Chris Hanson:

  • Job Search in an Agile World.

Laura Olert:

  • Mastering the Art of Follow Up.

Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania:

Kathy Bellwoar:

  • Consult or Not to Consult, Making Transition to Consulting.

Cheryl Clark Bonner:

  • Ten Tips for Being Proactive and Productive During Your Career Transition.

Dr. Michael Brenner:

  • How to Ace the Interview and Get the Job.

Michael Chiappinelli:

  • Networking for Career Change.

LeTonya Clark:

  • Brand You – Design Your Professional Image.

Warren S. Cook:

  • The Power of Differentiation.

Joyel Crawford:

  • Effective Interviewing Tips and Techniques.

Glenna Crooks – PhD:

  • Don’t Network. Work Your Networks.

Amy Dinning:

  • Emotional Impact of Job Loss and Job Search.

Kim Edgin:

  • Ways to Improve Your Chances of Being Selected for A Job.


William “Casey” Fehl:

  • A Salespersons Approach to Job Hunting.


Christian Hicks:

  • Reinvent and Redefine Yourself in Your New Journey.

Charlene Holsendorff:

  • Why Personal Brand.
  • Networking: The Good, The Bad, and The Uncomfortable.

Laura Kasper:

  • How to Ace the Interview.

Bill Jensen:

  • Being Future Strong.

Lalena Kennedy:

  • The Digital Job Search.

Kathy Marcino:

  • Maximize Performance. Stop Communicating and Start Connecting.

Anthony McCarley:

Swimming the English Channel – It Isn’t About the Swimming.

Ginny Neumer:

  • Finding Fulfilling Employment after Fifty.

Chris Owens:

  • Thought Leadership for Career Development.

Neil Paur:

  • Understanding Your Options for The Future.

Louise Polis:

  • Future of Resumes.

Ed Samuel:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Resumes.

Leslie Segarnick:

  • Responses to Interview Questions Designed to Destroy You.

Ken Sher:

  • Overcoming Age Discrimination.

Rick Tashman:

  • Mastering the Art of Networking

Adrean Turner:

  • Brand Power – Influence and Engage for Career Opportunities.

Steven Van Valine:

  • How to leverage Your Values to Get the Job You’ll Love.
  • Savvy Organizations View Their Culture as a Strategic Advantage.

Lynne M. Williams:

  • Beating the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Strategic Research-Based Approaches for LinkedIn.
  • What’s YOUR Shtick? Personal Branding Online and Offline.

David Wragg:

  • Tell Me About Yourself: How Your Stories Support Your Brand.

Charley Timmins:

  • Value Proposition 3.0, a 21st Century Answer to Why You.

Adrean Turner:

  • Brand Power, Influence and Engage for Career Opportunities.

Speakers Who Presented in Connecticut:

Stacey Ross Cohen:

  • Be the Brand to Achieve Career Success.


Tina Kadish:

  • How About – Elevate Your Career by Conquering Your Mindset.


Tucker Mays:

  • Skills and Talent.


Rich Spitz:

  • Target Your Search and Dream Job.


Bob Trinka:

  • Saga of a Job Search.


Melanie Szlucha:

  • Ending Sweaty Palms and Awkward Answers, a Better Way of Preparing for Job Interviews.