Speakers and Topics for Transition Support Meetings -Updated 6-14-2020 

Transition Support Members:

Tri State Presenters

Most Transition Support groups are now holding “virtual” meetings due to the Corona Virus, and will continue doing so until the pandemic ends. This anomaly has created a most unique opportunity to invite speakers from other parts of the Tri-State area to present to your group live via the internet. Speakers, who may like to reach a wider audience, may now seriously consider accepting an invitation to address your group, especially since they can do so from the comfort and convenience of their home or office via WebEx, Zoom, Teams, Facebook, or another electronic medium. What once seemed too far away to consider, is now just a click away.

Group facilitators, take advantage of this unique opportunity to invite some of the Tri-State speakers listed below to talk with your group in order to obtain fresh new ideas and approaches in tackling this difficult job market.

Also, going forward, when things return to normal, you may want to consider holding simultaneous live in-person and virtual meetings in order to reach a much broader audience. In addition, since all of these virtual meetings are now being telecasted, consider recording them for future use. Especially for members who are unable to attend the live-in person or telecast, but would like to view them at a later date.

If any presenter would like to send me their contact information for inclusion on the list, please do so and I will gladly add it.

Thank you and Stay Well,

Tom Donohue


Speakers Who Presented in New Jersey:

Eli Amdur:  http://eliamdur.com/

  • Looking At 2020 With 20/20 Vision.
  • Your Career Plan – The Job Market as I See It. 
  • Beating the Next Recession: Let it Happen to the Other Guy. 

Bill Amirault:  BillAmirault7@gmail.com

  • Inspiration and Motivation for Your Successful Job Search.

Sharon Bancroft:

  • Refresh Your Resume and Job Search.

Rosie Battista:

  • Getting Clear – Enhancing the World with Your True Gift. 

Jean Baur:

  • Why people get stuck when hit with job loss

Mark Beal:  markbeal@markbealmedia.com,

  • What They Never Taught You in College.
  • Define Yourself as a Brand That Delivers Value
  • In Transition: 101 Lessons to Achieve Job Search Success.

Bill Belknap:  https://www.billbelknap.com

  • Preparing for an Interview.
  • What Has Worked and What Has Not in Your Job Search.
  • How Thorough Interview Preparation Will Make You a Lead Candidate. 

Doug Berger:

  • The Breakthrough Roadmap, a Guide to Empowering Yourself. 
  • Apply the Breakthrough Roadmap to Landing Your Next Job.

Keith Bogen:

  • Stop Looking for A Job, Start Building A Career

Cheryl Bonder:

  • Positive Transformation and Behavior Changes.

Susan Borbely:

  • Twitter for Job Seekers

Noreen Braman:

  • Creating Your Personal Mission Statement.

Sheri Brown:

  • Manage Your Interviews.
  • Recognizing Your Accomplishments.
  • What Does Reinvention Mean to You?
  • Building a Strategy for Your Job Search
  • Types of Interviews and How to Prepare for Them

Kathy Carliner:

  • Great Storytelling: The Secret to a Successful Interview.

Mike Carr:

  • Practical Job-Seeking Advice from a Hiring Manager

Paul Cecala:

  • Listening Skills Create an Effective Network.
  • What to do When You Lose Your Desire to Job Search
  • Work Search Buddies: Finding Success with a Little Help from a Friend.
  • Project Planning Your Job Search: A Practical Work Search Methodology.
  • Background Checks and References: What are employers learning about you?

Poyee Chiu:

  • Career Assessment: Are You on Your Best Career Path

Rod Colon:

  • The Power of Mock Interviews
  • Keep the Faith and Networking Alive
  • Time Management for the CEO of Me, Inc. During a Job Search. 
  • Own Your Career in the 21st Century – Become the CEO of Me, Inc

Rosanna Conti:

  • The Many Faces of the Job Seeker. 

Robin Cooney:

  • Simplify Your Job Search – Use the 3 P’s

Neil Cooper:

  • How to End the Job Search Pain and Get Your Life Back?

Vicki Corrodi:

  • Dress for Success.

Gerry Crispin:

  • The Candidate Experience: How Good is good… and Why You Should Care

Toni Denson:

  • Are You Resistant or Unable to Adapt to Technology Change?

Rob Dinerman:

  • Networking and Re-Branding Yourself for Your Next Career.

Jim Donovan:

  • Taking Charge of Your Life: How to Stop Chasing Rainbows and Land the Job That Fits You Perfectly

Laura Dowling:

  • Effectively Managing Through Career Transition

Rich DuFour:

  • Moving from Frustration to Freedom and Empowerment with Technology.

Michelle Dutton:

  • Unleashing the Opportunity in Transitions.

Ken Eisenberg:

  • How to Leverage the Immediacy of the Telephone in Your Job Search

Julie Erickson:

  • Focusing on Your Impact in Your Resume and In Interviews. 

Pam Etzin:

  • Look Confident, Feel Confident, Be Confident.

Mitch Federman:

  • Social Media Secrets for Job Search

Lloyd Feinstein:  lloydfeinstein@yahoo.com.

  • How to Better Manage the Age Issue.
  • How to Get Past the First Interview
  • Unless the Interviewer Can Sell You
  • Death by Document – the Marketing Resume.
  • Build Resume Success, Add These 3 Key Issues.  
  • Win the Salary Negotiation Game by Building Your Confidence.
  • Break Out of Your Industry Using These Two Transferable Skills. 
  • Strategies for Keeping Your Job: How to be a Good Subordinate.
  • Advanced Interviewing Skills: How to Gain Control of Any Interview
  • How to Introduce Yourself, Crafting the Elevator and 2 Minute Pitch
  • Interviewing Basics: What to do Before, During and After Any Interview.
  • P-A-R Theory and Use Workshop. The Best Method for Communicating Your Value.
  • Where Are the Jobs and How to Find Them Using SIC Codes and Direct Mail Strategies?  

Larry Finklestein:

  • Staying Motivated in The Job Search

Randy Fisher:

  • Social Intelligence.
  • Let’s Get Visible: Digital Marketing Strategies to Connect with Hiring Managers and Influencers.

Beth Fitzgerald:

  • Time Management
  • The Mind Is a Powerful Tool
  • How to Reduce Stress Naturally
  • Exploring the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Tereasa Fontanese:

  • LinkedIn, The All-Star Page.

Alex Freund:  alex@landingexpert.com

  • Branding for Landing
  • Why Bother Networking
  • Why Can’t I Get That Job?
  • The Interview: You Are Onstage
  • LinkedIn: It’s About Being Found.
  • The Interview in the 21st Century
  • Techniques of Video Interviewing. 
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job.
  • Body Language for Interview Success
  • Why Are Video Interviews So Important?
  • Do You Understand the Hiring Manager?
  • Connect Social Media to You Career Goals
  • Why people get stuck when hit with job loss
  • How to Deal with Long Term Unemployment.
  • How to Understand and Adapt to The Current Job Market. 
  • 3 Cutting Edge Communications You Cannot Afford to Ignore. 
  • Four Essential Steps to Next Job – Value Proposition for Job Seekers.
  • Personal Value Propositions for Job Seekers, Why Do People Say Yes?

Dr. Colleen Georges:

  • Effective Goal Setting and Achievement in Each Area of Our Lives.

Donna M. Gerhauser:

  • The Benefits of Using a Career Coach in a Job Search.

Donna Lyn Giegerich:

  • Connections That Count, Uncovering Hidden Job Opportunities.

Matthew Goerke:

  • The Memory Switch.

Michael Goldberg:

  • Is Your Networking Working
  • Knockout Approaches to Virtual Networking
  • How to Land More Prospects, Referrals and Interviews?
  • Knock Out Networking: More Prospects, Referrals and Interviews.

Geoffrey Goldman:

  • Job Search Tips for the New Normal

Jan Goodman:

  • Unconscious Bias. 
  • Mastering the Interview
  • The Art of Effective Communication.
  • Thriving During Transition and Change. 
  • Learning the Language of the Multi-Generational Workplace.

Dan Gutman:

  • Techniques of Using LinkedIn For Your Job Search.

John West Hadley:  www.JHACareers.com

  • Build Your Interview Skills
  • Turn Interviews into Offers
  • The Influential Conversation
  • Become a Master Networker
  • Use Storytelling to Get Hired.
  • What Blocks Your Job Search?
  • Interviewing In The COVID Era.
  • The Needs Assessment Interview.
  • Five Steps to Effective Networking
  • Land the Job and Pay You Deserve.
  • Common Traps That Snare Job Seekers
  • Five Secrets to Landing a Job You’ll Love
  • Craft a Killer Résumé to Get that Interview
  • The 5 C’s of an Effective Marketing Message.
  • How Do You Measure Your Job Search Success?
  • Coping with the Strain of Your Search on Relationships.

Lauren Hammer:

  • Building Connections.

Ed Han:

  • LinkedIn: Beyond Your Profile.
  • LinkedIn Comes to Praise Your Resume, Not Bury It.
  • How Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Find & Engage Talent
  • How Recruiters Use LinkedIn / Lessons of Job Seeker Ally
  • Finding Anyone on LinkedIn: Boolean Search for Job Seekers. 
  • Throw the LinkedIn Switch: Every Setting You Need for Your Job Search.

Chip Hartman:  chip@chiphartman.com

  • Build Your Brand
  • The Marketing Magic of a Rock-Solid Value Proposition.

Jim Hatcher:

  • Confidence Matters. 

Paul Hatrak:

  • Communicating for Success, Watch Your Language.

Tommy Hilcken:

  • Keep Your Chin Up

Joey Himelfarb:

  • Selling Yourself.
  • Visualization and Your Job Search. 
  • Your Bad Attitude is Like a Flat Tire. Unless You Change it, You Won’t Get Very Far.

Donna Hook:  area01gov@yahoo.com

  • 19 Roadblocks to effective 1-way video interviewing

Allison Howe:

  • Volunteerism and Your Job Search.

Dr. Barry Hurwitz:

  • Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Hanan M. Isaacs:

  • Essential Principles of Employment Law for Workers or Those in Transition.

Bart Jackson:

  • Getting a Grip on Your Career, Wiser Choices.

Marian Janes:  mj@jancomassociates.com

  • Personal Action Planning and Accountability
  • Personal Branding, Creating a Compelling LinkedIn Profile.
  • The Hero’s Journey: Thriving Within Your Next Chapter
  • Interviewing from The Inside Out – Cultivating A Lasting Impression.

Holly Jerome:

  • Your DISC Assessment

Debbee Jeter:

  • There Is Life after Downsizing: Tapping into Your Best Self

Mark Judman:

  • New to LinkedIn or Overdue for a Tune-Up. 

Tony Kanak:  tony@salesevolution.com

  • Selling Yourself: A Study in the Best Approach to Interviews, Negotiations and Sales.

Murray Karten:

  • The Art of Networking. 

Vicki Kalmus:

  • Present Your Perfect Self: How to Tell Your Full Story to the Right People. 

Lalena Kennedy:  https://www.profile-impressions.com

  • Finding the Right Job
  • Tips for Job Hunting Online
  • Preparing for a Job Interview
  • Optimizing Your Resume For ATS
  • Protecting Your Online Reputation
  • The Formula for a Standout Resume
  • Social Media for Sales Professionals
  • Optimizing Your Social Media Privacy Settings
  • Branding Yourself Online for Recent College Grads
  • Best Practices for Using Social Media for a Job Search

Jack Killion:

  • Network All the Time, Everywhere with Everybody
  • Networking Your Way to A New Career Opportunity.
  • Developing a Career Transition Networking Action Plan.

Helene Klaassens:

  • Who Are You?
  • Selling Yourself
  • Networking vs. Not-Working

Amy Klein:

  • Skills-Based Volunteering.

Abby Kohutakohut@staffingsymphony.com

  • Exposing the Hidden Job Market
  • Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You to Know.
  • Job Searching – How to Play and Beat the Odds
  • Negotiate Your Salary at Every Step of the Process.
  • How to Maximize Your Positioning with Social Media
  • Lessons from Sandy – Taking Your Job Search by Storm
  • Networking for Introverts, Extroverts and In-Between Verts.  
  • Top 10 Steps to Employability – What They Are and Why They Matter.
  • Success for the Seasoned Search, The Benefit of Being Overqualified
  • Going Undercover: Revealing the Deep Dark Secrets of The Recruiting World.

Frank Kovacs & Mark Beal:

  • Upskilling and Reskilling 

David Kowalski:

  • Staying Calm During Transition (Because You’re Worth It).

Cathy Kreyche:

  • Making Stress Work for You

Bill LaChance:  bill@wjladvisors.com

  • Money Saving Strategies During a Career Transition: Health Insurance, Taxes, College Costs, and Investment Fees, Etc. 

Kes Laguerre:

  • Communication 101 for the Job Seeker.

Gary Lande:

  • Developing Your Master Resume.
  • Managing Your Job Search Campaign
  • Are the companies you have applied to calling you for interviews?
  • Cover Letters/Thank You Letters: The Underutilized Job Search Tools.

Kenneth Lang:  kennethlang@optonline.net

  • Linkedin for Introverts
  • How to use LinkedIn… From an Expert.
  • Keeping Up with the Latest LinkedIn Changes.
  • How to Use LinkedIn, Specifically From Your Mobile Device. 

Ralph Lardieri:

  • Manage Stress and Bring Your Best Energy During Your Job

Marty Latman: MartyLatman@LatmanAdvisoryServices.com

  • You, Incorporated
  • Leveraging Your Age
  • In Transition, Now What Do I Do
  • Networking 101 – Tools of Success
  • Am I Managing My Career Properly?
  • AGEISM: The Elephant in the Room.
  • Managing Your Job Search Successfully
  • The Other Side, What Do the Recruiters Do
  • Relationship Building to Advance Your Career
  • Getting Interviews through Successful Networking.
  • Leveraging Being Overqualified to Your Advantage. 
  • Positivity and Motivation, Beating Job Search Depression.
  • Stepping Out of the Crowd: Making a Powerful Elevator Pitch.
  • Ways to Stay Motivated and Keep Positive While in Transition. 

Barbara Leiding:

  • Perfecting Your Verbal Resume.
  • LinkedIn for the Job Search: Tips on Creating a High Impact Profile to Attract Recruiters.  

Scott Leibowitz:

  • What’s Your Story?

Matthew Levy:

  • Using Social Media to Enhance Your Job Search

David Light:

  • Burning My Resume

Lynnell Lindsay:

  • Tips and Techniques for Managing Our Personal Styles (Myers Briggs).

Janet Logan:

  • How to Use Networking for Your Job Search.

Lucille A Lo Sapio:

  • Projecting Your Personal Brand.

Susan Mach:

  • Practical Tips for Navigating the 21st Century Job Market.

Larry Maglin:

  • Are You a Disillusioned Job Seeker?

David Malchman:

  • Career Transition and Finding Your Voice.

Lisa Manyoky:

  • Presence Intelligence

Christine Marinelli:

  • Resume Writing and Interview Tips.

Lauren Markon:

  • Make LinkedIn Work for You.
  • Developing Your LinkedIn Profile so that Recruiters Can Find You.

Michele Martin:

  • A New Start: How to Be Your Own Job Search Coach.

Ana McCarthy and Peggy Pascale:

  • Digging to the Core: Understanding and Bringing Your Best Self to the Interview.

Lindsley Medlin:

  • Blockchain 101

Lisa Ann Miller:

  • How to Build Your Personal Brand Equity.

Marc Miller:

  • Turning Reinvention Failure into Future Success.
  • Ageism: What It Is, How to Identify It, and What to Do About It.

Michael Milutis:

  • Know Thyself Brand Thyself! The Secrets of Self-Actualization and Workplace Engagement

Hilary Morris:

  • LinkedIn: Your Profile.

Pauline Morris:

  • How a Large Corporate Human Resources Department Recruits, Evaluates, and Acquires Talent.

Andy O’Hearn:

  • New LinkedIn: Behind the Veil. 
  • How to Get 80 Percent of LinkedIn’s Benefits in 20 Percent of the Time. 
  • How are Trustworthy Others Telling Your Story to Hiring-Process Influencers?

Ashley Owens:

  • How to Not Suck at Networking

George Pace:  keeppace@gmail.com

  • Twitter
  • Your Career Curriculum
  • The Future of Work, How will you Keep Pace.
  • You Connected HOW? – Leveraging Social Networks in growing your Network

Francine Parham:

  • Beyond Connecting: Maximizing Your Network for Job Seekers. 

Glenn Pasch:

  • A View from the Other Side of the Hiring Desk
  • Time to Schedule Your Personal Brand Check-Up
  • Does Social Media Really Matter for the Job Seeker
  • How to Brand Yourself to Stand out During the Interview Process
  • Identifying, Building and Using your Personal Brand to Improve Your Job Search Results

Peggy Pascale:

  • Digging to the Core: Understanding and Bringing Your Best Self to the Interview.

Mike Palestina:

  • The Nonverbal Edge. 
  • Mindfulness in Leadership and Life.
  • Developing an Effective Job Search Strategy
  • Developing Your Personal Leadership Vision. 
  • People Intelligence: The Science of Reading Others.
  • When We Need to Understand Others, It Is Important to Know What They Are Feeling and Thinking

Debbie Pavlo and Robin Cooney:

  • Interviewing: Questions and Answers.
  • Workshop on Resume and LinkedIn Tips and Tricks.

Anne Pepper:

  • Interview Questions that Stump You

Frederica Peterson: frederica@fredericapeterson.com

  • Get Unstuck: The Five Stages of Managing Career Transition.

Ralph Piano: ralphpiano@gmail.com

  • Preparing for the Interview

T.J. Pridell of ReferenceUSA

  • Uncovering the Hidden Job Market with ReferenceUSA.

Amy Raditz:

  • Who Am I Anyway?
  • Get Back on Track, Keep the Momentum Going.
  • Start with Creating a Vision for the Life and Work You Really Want. 
  • Remember Me – How to Make an Introduction That’s Favorable and Lasting

Lisa Rangel:  https://chameleonresumes.com

  • Six Deadly Job Search Mistakes Preventing You from Landing a Job. 
  • How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate 6-Figure Job Interviews Faster.
  • How to Design a Powerful Resume to Land Six-Figure Job Interviews and Get the Offer.

Janelle Razzino: Janelle@razzinoassociates.com

  • How to Pick A Recruiter?
  • Answering the Salary Question.
  • Chicken Soup for the Job Seeker’s Soul.
  • I Can, Let Go of the Voice That Criticizes. 
  • Working with Recruiters – Let’s be Friends.
  • Mediocre to Magnificent – Motivation and Resiliency
  • Why people chose you, hire you, see you, promote you
  • Reach Out and Touch Someone, How to Make Contact.
  • What’s my Line? Canned or Not – You Have Got to be You.
  • How to Be a Player, Not an Applicant. How Not to Take No for An Answer?
  • Ideas to Restore Hope in the Process of the JOB SEARCH…add a Little Magic.

Benny Recine:

  • Game Changer: The One Page Marketing Plan.
  • The Power of Creating Your Own Executive Board

Len Resto:

  • Over 50 & Unemployed? How to Create Your Plan

Carl E. Reid, CSI  www.CarlEReid.com 

  • Power Networking in A Social Media World
  • How to Capitalize on The NEW Future of Work
  • How to Network Your Way to THE Hottest Jobs in the 21st Century?
  • THE ART OF NETWORKING What to say. When to say it. How to say it.

Terry Roback:

  • Executive Presence for Job Seekers.

Tamarra Causley Robinson: https://gettrilogypartners.com/

  • The Value of Values
  • Taking a Step Back to Move Forward.
  • How to Deal with the Impact of a Job Loss on Family and Relationships

Loraimy Rodriguez:

  • Dress for Success.

John Sampson:

  • Getting a Job – Some Ideas.

Jason Sanders:

  • Act, Think, Work—Using Entrepreneurial Business Techniques to Secure Your Next Job. 

Claudia Sandonato:

  • Conducting a Strategic Job Search.

Judy Scherer:

  • The Secrets of a Successful Job Search: Targeting and Marketing.

David Schuchman, dbschuchman@gmail.com

  • Networking 101.
  • Interview Preparation and Tips.
  • Uncovering the Hidden Job Market.
  • Is it Time to Consider Your “Plan B”
  • Promote Yourself Beyond Your Resume. 
  • How to Be A Consultant in a Gig Economy
  • What Do You Do When You Can’t Do What You Do Anymore?

Steven Schumer:

  • How to NOT Take NO for An Answer.
  • Four Lessons from Almost 40 Years With IBM.

Brad Schweon:

  • Working with Recruiters and Job Search Tips.

Terry Seamon:  thseamon@yahoo.com

  • SMART Moves.
  • The Proactive Job Hunter.
  • The Hustle Success Factor.
  • Staying Active & Motivated During Your Search
  • The Five Habits of Highly Effective Job Hunters.
  • Heed Your Calling, Discovering Your True Purpose.
  • Galvanize into Action, 6 Tips for Proactive Job Hunting. 
  • The POWER of Leveraging Your Professional Relationships

Ken Sher:

  • How to Handle Difficult Interview Challenges.
  • Surviving and Thriving After a Job Loss When You’re +/- 50 Years-Old.

Natasha Sherman:

  • Mastering Change: Strategies for Success

Dan Silvert:

  • How to use the DISC to assess yourself and improve communication

Rick Simmons:

  • How to maximize your online reputation to help you in your job search by using social media

Eileen N. Sinett:  https://speakingthatconnects.com/

  • Elevator Pitch/Networking.
  • Body Language for Job Seekers.
  • Introduce Yourself: Creative Introductions for Networking and Beyond

Jennifer L Smith:

  • Using Executive Presence to Get Hired

Balaji Sundaresan:

  • Data Scientist – The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.

Marc Strano:

  • The Personal Power Pyramid

Donald Truss:

  • Subliminal Selling Skills for Interviewing

Linda Trignano:  ltrignano@trignanoconsulting.com

  • Ace the Interview
  • Confidence – Your Secret Weapon
  • Overcoming Challenges and Assumptions in Your Job Search.

Adrean Turner:

  • Brand Power – Influence and Engage for Career Opportunities

Debra Wheatman:

  • Social Media Networking Strategy
  • Staying Motivated During Your Job Search
  • Careers Done Write – Creating a Winning LinkedIn Profile

Deb Wilber:

  • Discover Your Spark.

Susan Wilk:

  • Calm Your Mind for Career Well-Being.

Valerie S. Williams:  vswilliams1743@gmail.com

  • Kick Start Your Job Search.
  • Preparing for the Job Hunt: The Essential Checklist.

Donald Wittmann:

  • Tips and Tricks to be Found on LinkedIn.

Al Woller:

  • Financial Decisions to Make During a Job Transition.

Michael Yakubov:

Shake It Up – Interviewing.

Linda Young:

  • Getting Started in Today’s Job Search Process.

Matt Zaun:

  • Ace Your Interview Through Strategic Story Telling

Keri Zoumas:

  • Networking 101. 
  • Master the ABC’s of Success
  • Cracking the Communication Code
  • Breaking Through Mindset Blocks and Creating Your Best Life Now

Speakers Who Presented at The New York Science, Industry and Business Library: 

Jim Arnoff:   arnoffco@aol.com

  • The Inspiration and Motivation of Job Search. 
  • Owning Your Power in Your Career….It’s Yours for the Taking.
  • Envisioning, Declaring, and Pursuing Your True Career Passion.
  • Energizing Your Career in the New Year…It’s Yours for the Taking.
  • Power Pitching, Power Networking…Become a Master of Them Both. 
  • Upping My Game and Embracing Change…Time to Make That Career Change.
  • The Ultimate Confidence Building Workshop….Being Fully Aligned in Your Career.
  • The Agent’s Take on Breaking into and Becoming a Successful On-Air Talent (or Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Production Company).


Marie Chindamo:

  • Showcasing Your Strengths: Your Personal Marketing Plan.  


Barry Cohen:

  • Power Interviewing: How to Get the Job You Really Want Now. 


Chip Conlin:  chip@cconlin.com

  • Re-Energizing Your Job Search
  • Handling Difficult Interview Questions.
  • How to Turn Job Interviews into Offers.
  • Challenges Facing the Career Changer.
  • Building a Great Resume and Cover Letter.
  • Professional Networking for Success: How to Get the Most Out of Your Contacts.


John Crant:  http://selfrecruiter.com/services/

  • Resume Renovation.
  • Charting Your Career Transition.
  • The Self-Recruiter Interview Checklist.
  • Preparing Your Career Narrative for a New Industry.
  • Returning to The Workforce After A Long Break or Sabbatical. 
  • Super-Charging Your Job Search: Organizing and Managing It. 
  • Building Your Professional Network with LinkedIn and How to Use It in Your Job Search.
  • The Paradigm Shift in Job Search: Marketing Yourself to the Decision-Maker, Just Who Is It That Makes the Decisions? 







Speakers Who Presented at The New York Science, Industry and Business Library (Cont’d):


Celia Currin:

  • The Job Search Head Game.
  • Thinking through the Job Interview.  
  • What is and where is hiding the Hidden Job Market.
  • The Job Search: Managing Your Energy and the Head Game, Not Your Time. 


Steven Davis:

  • An Interviewing State of Mind.
  • The Job Search Process from Resumes to Offers.
  • Making First Impressions During the Interview Process
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Yourself on Your Resume and LinkedIn.


Dylan DeYoung:

  • Your Job Search is a Full Time Job: How to Manage Your Job Search.


Sarah Fainman:

  • Start and Grow Your Business with Mintel. 


Kaiser Fung:  http://www.kaiserfung.com/

  • Learn How to Break into the Data Science and Analytics Careers.


Dr. Amy Geffen:  http://www.geffencareers.com

  • Finding the Hidden Job Market.
  • Overcoming Ageism in Your Job Search.
  • There’s No Such Thing as the Perfect Resume
  • Spotlight on Resumes and Interviews During Your COVID-19 Job Search


Connie Gemson:

  • New Ways to Network. 
  • The SPIN Approach to Finding a New Job. 


Marc W. Halpert:

  • LinkedIn for Performing Artists.
  • How the Heck Do I xyz on LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn as a Branding Tool for Baby Boomers and Encore Career Seekers.








Speakers Who Presented at The New York Science, Industry and Business Library (Cont’d):


Robert Hellmann:  rob@hellmannconsulting.com

  • Turn Job Interviews into Offers. 
  • Planning and Organizing a Job Search Campaign.
  • Resume Intensive – Craft A Message that Lands Interviews.
  • Become the Perfect Candidate: Tap into the Hidden Job Market.
  • Your Resume vs. Your LinkedIn Profile – What You Need to Know.
  • Advanced LinkedIn: Jump-start Your Job-search, Business, and Career. 


Theodore Henderson:

  • Don’t Leave Money on the Table, Negotiate.
  • The Future Is Now: Creating Your Career in Cybersecurity.


Mary Anne Henselmann:

  • The Newest Coolest Jobs in the Workplace 


Bruce A. Hurwitz, Ph.D.:  http://www.brucehurwitz.com/

  • Using Social Media to Find a Job. 
  • The Fundamentals of an Effective Job Search
  • Proven Interviewing Strategies to Get Job Offers
  • Attracting Employers by Creating a Personal Brand
  • Effective Presentation Skills for Interviewing and Networking
  • The Questions You Need to Ask and Be Prepared to Answer in A Job Interview


Laura Jackson:

  • Mindfulness for Job Seekers.  


David Lees:  https://theilluminationgroup.com/david-lees/

  • Reinvent Your Career
  • Overcoming Career Obstacles
  • Marketing Yourself with Confidence.
  • Overcoming Career Obstacles in the New Year


Kristina Leonardi:  https://kristinaleonardi.com/

  • Spring Cleaning for the Soul.
  • Stepping Stones for Success.
  • Authentic Branding: Letting the Real You Shine in Any Situation.
  • Who Are You and What Are You Supposed to Be Doing with Your Life?
  • Staying Motivated Throughout the Job Search Process: How Losing Your Job is a Good Thing.


Speakers Who Presented at The New York Science, Industry and Business Library (Cont’d):


Rochelle Lisner:

  • The Ultimate Power Pitch. 


Kim Mills:

  • Identify Your Unique Strengths and Talking Points for Interviews. 
  • How to Prepare for Your Next Interview: Breaking it Down to 5 Key Steps. 
  • Practical Guide to a Successful Job Search: Build Tools, Launch Search and Interview with Confidence. 


Mary M. Mitchell:

  • Schmooze or Lose: Business/Social Events Are Not About Food and Booze.


Sherry Natkow:  snatkow@job-prep.com,

  • Pre-Interview Prep
  • Strengthen Your Resume.
  • Keep the Momentum Going.
  • Thinking of a Career Change.
  • Elevator Pitch — Don’t Wing It.
  • Creating a Memorable LinkedIn Summary.


Michelle Pyram:

  • How Do I Get Paid to Be Who I Am. 
  • Be the Best YOU During the Interview.


Ramon Ray:

  • How to Start and Grow a Successful Business. 


Ruth Robins:

  • Nailing the Interview with Problem-Action-Results Stories.


Teresa San Roman and Marzena Ermler:

  • Job Search Planning and Tips for Mature Workers.


Renee Lee Rosenberg:  renee@positivitypro.com

  • Ace the Interview.
  • Create a Resume and Cover Letter that Rocks.
  • Older Workers Rock: Job Search Over 50 Plus.
  • Strategies to Create a Positive Job Search No Matter What Your Age.
  • Career Finders Boot Camp:
    • Session 1: How Prepared Are You for Your Job Search. 
    • Session 2: How to Present Yourself: Who Are You and What Do You Offer? 
    • Session3: Preparing to Ace the Interview in a Multi-Generational Workplace

Speakers Who Presented at The New York Science, Industry and Business Library (Cont’d):


Win Sheffield:  https://www.winsheffield.com

  • Your Resume Made Simple.
  • Career Management for Introverts.
  • Making Your Job Campaign a Success
  • Refreshing Our Approach to Networking.
  • How to Get Employers Interested in You
  • Claim Your Power in the Interview Game.
  • Reigniting Your Job Campaign in the New Year.
  • Getting Active and Passive Value from LinkedIn.
  • Getting the Most out of Your Networking Meeting. 
  • Why Networking is so Difficult and How to Master it.
  • Negotiating: The Bottom Line for Your Job Campaign.
  • Figuring Out What You Want to Do and How to Get it.
  • Organizing Your Job Campaign for Success and Sanity.
  • The Three Kinds of Networking and How to Master Them.
  • How to use LinkedIn for Research and to Advertise Yourself.
  • The Interview Head Game: Rethinking Your Role in The Interview. 
  • Beyond Your Pitch: How to introduce Yourself Simply and Effectively
  • Handle Difficult Interview Questions by Sharing Your Accomplishments. 
  • Caterpillar to Butterfly: How to Discover and to Move on to Your Next Career
  • Master Your Stories to Master Your Career: Develop Your Brand, Share Your Story
  • Summer Career Management: How to Invest in Your Career and Still Have Time Off.  
  • The Strategic Resume: How to Make Your Resume Serve You and Get the Meeting.
  • Wow Them with Your Accomplishments: Learn How to Tell the Stories that Sell You.
  • The Power of You: How Giving Up Our Power in The Job Market Undermines Our Morale and How to Recover It. 


Ed Simpson:

  • Why Work with a Staffing Agency. 


Amy Spelman:

  • Considering a Career Change? What to Know and Where to Start.


Margaret Sweeney:

  • Creating Resumes and Cover Letters That Work.


Matt Wallack:

  • Transitioning Careers and How to Explain Resume Gaps.

Speakers Who Presented in New York:


Matthew R. Bud:

  • Communicating Your Value


Melissa Capellan

  • Marketing You: Promoting Your Brand on LinkedIn


Bill Cusano:

  • If You’re Not Hitting the Target, Move It Closer
  • Managing Your Personal Brand to Move Your Career


Pat Drew:

  • Creating Your Elevator Pitch:  How to Communicate Your Value in 20 Seconds


Anne-Marie Ditta:  amditta@gmail.com 

  • The 5 P’s of Writing an ATS Résumé


Cliff Ennico:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • The 4 Pillars of Your Job Search. 
  • The Four Horsemen of Corporate America: Why You Will Not Be Working for a Corporation in Five Years
  • Free Agent Nation–Plan B


Ron Friedman:

  • Financial Planning for People in Transition. 


Gary Gabaccia:  ggabaccia@gmail.com

  • Confessions of a Corporate Recruiter


Chris Hanson:

  • The Job Search Life Cycle
  • Job Search in an Agile World.


Nancy Hutter:

  • Search Strategies for Boomers and Senior Job Searchers. 


Chris Kampitsis & Benjamin Soccodato

  • Guidance for financial problems encountered during transition


Maureen Jacobson:

  • The CEO of You



Speakers Who Presented in New York (Cont’d):


Judy Jones:

  • Tailoring Cover Letters and Résumés – Linked in Profile Basics


Gary Katz:

  • Emotional challenges. Increasing your resiliency during times of change.


Ron Katz:

  • Not so FAQ’s
  • Your Skills Won’t Get You Hired


Geri Kavanah:

  • Hang Your Own Shingle


Darcy Knapp:

  • Social Media and Keyword Strategy for Your Job Hunt


Ed McCabe:

  • Create Your Communication Strategy and Resume.
  • Key Milestones of an Effective Job Search Strategy.


Ed McEneney:

  • Networking is a Contact Sport. 


Carol McManus:

  • Advanced Features of LinkedIn


Michael Milutis:

  • Personal Branding & LinkedIn


Ray Murphy:

  • Resumes and Interviews, An Unorthodox View. 


Ford R. Myers:

  • Accomplishment Stories: Sell Yourself and Get the Job.


Laura Olert:

  • Mastering the Art of Follow Up.
  • How to Sell Your Strengths to Your Network.
  • Get it Together for your Job Search. Managing Your Time and Building Momentum.




Speakers Who Presented in New York (Cont’d):


Tom Powner (Career Thinker Inc.)

  • Preparing for Job Interviews
  • The Power of Your LinkedIn Profile in a Job Search.  
  • Networking with LinkedIn for Job and Career Success.
  • Writing a Targeted Resume that Brands and Markets You
  • Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile to Get Noticed and Hired Quicker
  • Job Searching Skills -It’s more than just hitting the enter key on your keyboard
  • Using Cover Letters, Bios, Thank You Notes and Reference Lists in your Job Search


Joe Quinn:

  • Renew, Revitalize, Re-energize Your Long-Term Job Search


Merrill Rutman:

  • The Cover Letter


Andrew Tarvin:

  • Decision Making
  • Small Talk About Small Talk
  • Adopting New Year’s resolutions
  • Stress Less: An Action Guide to Managing Stress, Increasing Productivity, and Getting More Done


Lew Tischler:

  • Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch
  • Developing a Killer 2-Minute Presentation
  • Tell Me About Yourself:  Answering the Question


Mark Troncone:

  • Job Search Marketing Plan
  • How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan
  • Job Search – How to Stay Organized, Accountable and Motivated


Dr. Uco-Jillert Wiersma:

  • Interviewing
  • Interview Charisma:  A Hands-on Workshop
  • How to interview from the interviewer’s perspective
  • An Evidence Based Perspective on the Employment Interview.


Linda van Valkenburgh:

  • What you want to know about LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Recruiters Recruiters Recruiters – Can’t live with ‘em, Can’t live without ‘em

Speakers Who Presented in New York (Cont’d):


Terry Viney;

  • Perfecting Your Pitch. 


Bob Weingartner:

  • The Top 10 Strategies in Job Search. 
  • Show your age; How you can use your age to your advantage: An HR perspective.


Skip Wiesman:

  • Energizing Your Job Search


Ed Zebzda

  • Focusing Your Job Search. 
































Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania:


Dean Becker:

  • Staying Resilient in Your Job Search


Kathy Bellwoar:

  • Consult or Not to Consult, Making Transition to Consulting.


Leasella “Lea” Bongiovanni:

  • Chasing My Career Dreams……Ok, Now What? 


Cheryl Clark Bonner:

  • Life Changing Relationship Building
  • Ten Tips for Being Proactive and Productive During Your Career Transition.


David M. Bontempo:

  • Review, Revisit, Recharge, Renew and Relaunch Your Career.


Dr. Michael Brenner:

  • How to Ace the Interview and Get the Job.
  • Amplify Your Career Transition with EQ (Emotional intelligence)


Michael Chiappinelli:

  • Networking for Career Change.
  • Alleviating Financial Stress While in Career Transition


LeTonya Clark:

  • Brand You – Design Your Professional Image.
  • Self-Talk – How to Stay Motivated When in Job Transition


Todd Cohen:

  • The Profound Power of Presence: How to Sell Yourself Before You Say a Word.


Warren S. Cook:

  • The Power of Differentiation.


Joyel Crawford:

  • Effective Interviewing Tips and Techniques.
  • Negotiating Skills to Raise Your Voice and Value. 


Glenna Crooks – PhD:  https://glennacrooks.com/

  • Don’t Network. Work Your Networks.


Michael Cuff:

  • How to Stay Motivated in A Job Search, plus Networking.

Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania (Cont’d):


Amy L. Dinning:  amydinning@juno.com

  • The Value of Connecting
  • Network Your Way to Success
  • Breathe New Life into Your Job Search
  • Organization for a Successful Job Search
  • Emotional Impact of Job Loss and Job Search.
  • Maintaining Motivation & Momentum in Your Job Search and Career


Laura Dowling:

  • Strategies for Effective Self-Management Through Career Transition


Kim Edgin:

  • Ways to Improve Your Chances of Being Selected for A Job.


William “Casey” Fehl:  www.caseyfehl.com

  • A Salespersons Approach to Job Hunting.


Tom Gill:

  • The 3’D’s To Destiny and Networking. 


John J. Gillen:

  • Stop Applying for Jobs & Go Out and Hire Yourself an Employer
  • The Inner Game of Job Search – How to Find A Job Without Losing Your Mind
  • The New World of Work: How Jobs and the Ways to Find Them Are Changing.  


Suzanne Gleason & Stacey O’Leary:

  • Behavioral Based Interview Training
  • Navigating Today’s Interview Landscape. 


Alycia Hannum:

  • Building YOUR LinkedIn Brand


Christian Hicks:

  • Reinvent and Redefine Yourself in Your New Journey.


Donnie Hill:

  • Career Climbers Can Shape Their Next Move Through Personal Storytelling


Linda Hollenback:

  • Secrets of Successful Cover Letter Writing. 
  • The Four P’s to Succeed in Marketing YOU



Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania (Cont’d):


Charlene Holsendorff:

  • Are You Hired Yet?
  • Why Personal Brand.
  • Working A Career Fair
  • Salary Negotiation Techniques 
  • Secrets of Successful Cover Letter Writing. 
  • When Bad Cover Letters Meet Good Resumes
  • Boost Your Job Search with Personal Branding
  • Networking: The Good, The Bad, and The Uncomfortable.


Karen Huller:

  • Creating Your Own Job Security
  • Creating Good Habits Around Transition Activity. 


Bill Jensen:

  • Being Future Strong


Mary Kay Debbee Jeter:

  • There Is Life after Downsizing: Tapping into Your Best Self. 


Tony Kanak:

  • Selling Yourself – Best Approach to Job Interviews


Laura Kasper:

  • How to Get Your Resume Noticed. 


Kris Kraihanzel:

  • Your Career Success is Directly Related to Your Personal Development


Theresa Hummel-Krallinger:

  • Finding a Fit, Not Just a Job
  • Mindful Mindset: Keeping Spirits Up During Times of Uncertainty, and Networking. 


Laura Kasper:

  • How to Ace the Interview.


Lalena Kennedy:

  • Maximizing LinkedIn
  • The Digital Job Search.
  • LinkedIn For Job Seekers. 
  • Optimizing Your Resume For ATS 



Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania (Cont’d):


Ralph Lardieri:

  • Manage Stress & Bring Energy During Your Job Transition


Matthew Levy:

  • Five Social Media Must-Dos to Turbocharge Your Job Search
  • Charisma: How to Positively Present Yourself So That People Take Notice. 


Kathy Marcino:

  • Maximize Performance. Stop Communicating and Start Connecting.


Anthony McCarley:

  • Swimming the English Channel – It Isn’t About the Swimming.


Melanie McLeod:

  • The Emotional Impact of Losing A Job


Carlee Myers:

  • Draw Your Job Search Obstacles Away
  • Alternative Ways to Reduce Stress In Your Job Search


Ford Myers:

  • Building Your Job Seeker’s Toolkit
  • Retirement: A Natural Evolution of Career Development.


Val Neighbors:

  • The Charismatic Introvert, Three Steps to Successful Networking. 


Ginny Neumer:

  • Finding Fulfilling Employment after Fifty.


Shelly O’Donovan

  • How to Find the Right Fit in Your New Job? 
  • Body Language Secrets Uncovered to Nail Your Next Interview
  • Tips to Succeed in This New Virtual World/Learn How to Use Video for Interviews


Chris Owens:

  • Thought Leadership for Career Development.


Neil Paur:

  • Understanding Your Options for The Future.


Lisa Peskin:

  • How To Maximize YOUR Networking ROI

Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania (Cont’d):


Louise Polis:

  • Future of Resumes.


Ed Samuel:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Resumes
  • Tapping into the Hidden Job Market.
  • Assessing your Career at any stage based on: Personality, Interest, Skills and Values. 


George Schonewolf:

  • How to Write A Resume That Stands Out. 


Leslie Segarnick:

  • Responses to Interview Questions Designed to Destroy You.


Ken Sher:

  • Late Career Challenges
  • Overcoming Age Discrimination.
  • How to Ace Your Next Interview?
  • Simplify Your Job Search Through T.R.U.S.T.
  • To Survive and Thrive After a Job Loss When You Are 50+/- Years Old


Pennie Simmons:

  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward in Your Job Search. 


Kathy Smith:

  • Reaping the Benefits of Using a Networking Brief during Information Meeting.


Jim Spooner:

  • Small Company Job Opportunities, The forgotten and Unexplored.


Tricia Steege:

  • How to Live Above the Job Search Willies


Edward Stewart:

  • Navigating Past the Gatekeeper


Rick Tashman:

  • Mastering the Art of Networking


Brynne Tillman:

  • Leveraging LinkedIn to Optimize Job Search Impact. 


Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania (Cont’d):


Charley Timmins:

  • Ditch the Pitch, Lose the Schmooze
  • Why Do Job Candidates Come in Second?


Lou Tumolo:

  • Referral Sales Strategies for Job Search Success


Adrean Turner:

  • Brand Power – Influence and Engage for Career Opportunities.


Steven Van Valine:

  • How to leverage Your Values to Get the Job You’ll Love.
  • Savvy Organizations View Their Culture as a Strategic Advantage.


Peg Wahrman:

  • Navigating the Interview


Ed Wallace:

  • Relationships Matter. 


Diane Weller:

  • Career Confusion Got You Down?


Lynne M. Williams:

  • Beating the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Creating or Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile
  • The Art of Networking in Person and Online. 
  • Strategic Research-Based Approaches for LinkedIn.
  • What’s YOUR Shtick? Personal Branding Online and Offline.
  • 50 and Over Now What? Unemployed, Underemployed – What Are My Options


David Wragg:

  • Tell Me About Yourself: How Your Stories Support Your Brand.


Rick Tashmen:

  • Mastering the Art of Networking


Charley Timmins:

  • Value Proposition 3.0, a 21st Century Answer to Why You.


Adrean Turner:

  • Brand Power, Influence and Engage for Career Opportunities.


Speakers Who Presented in Pennsylvania (Cont’d):


Ed Zebzda:

  • Focusing Your Job Search. 




Speakers Who Presented in Connecticut:


Andy Ancel:

  • Referrals2Networking


Doug Campbell:

  • You Are the Brand. 


Stacey Ross Cohen:

  • Personal Branding.
  • Building a Winning Brand
  • Marketing of YOU for Career Success
  • Be the Brand to Achieve Career Success.


Sharlene Douthit:

  • The Geometry of Success


Debbie Fay:

  • Interviewing via Video-Conferencing


Rich Gee:

  • Why Don’t You Have a Job.


Cindy Graziano:

  • Emotional Intelligence. 


Mary Ann Gontin:

  • Understanding and Projecting Confidence.


Jason Hyde:

  • 3 Things Unemployed Professionals Must Know to Overcome Frustration and Fear.


Tina Kadish:

  • How About – Elevate Your Career by Conquering Your Mindset.


Deb Krawiec:

  • Improve Job Search Focus and Productivity.  

Speakers Who Presented in Connecticut (Cont’d):


Tucker Mays:

  • Skills and Talent.
  • Keys to Networking Success. 


Scott Nevins:

  • Rainmaking Through Networking. 


John Philbin:

  • How to Excel During Phone Screens, Zoom & In-Person Interviews


Annette Richmond:

  • Résumés That Rock.  


Michael Shavel:

  • Job Search During a Pandemic & LinkedIn Tips


Rich Spitz:

  • Target Your Search and Dream Job.


Nora Simpson:

  • The Neuroscience of the Successful Job Search. 


Melanie Szlucha:

  • Marketing Yourself
  • How to Fix a Broken Resume.
  • Adopting New Year’s resolutions
  • How to Decode a Job Description
  • How to Answer: Why Should We Hire You?
  • Lifting the Veil on Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Smile and be Friendly: Taking the WORK out of Networking
  • Ending Sweaty Palms and Awkward Answers, a Better Way of Preparing for Job Interviews.


Deirdre Taylor:

  • Career Changes – Reinventing Oneself. 


Bob Trinka:

  • Saga of a Job Search.


Donald Wittmann:

  • Tips and Tricks to be Found on LinkedIn.