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Contact Us,..why not?

Contact Us,..why not?

What’s holding you back?  Contact us today to get your edge in today’s competitive job market.

Feel free to contact us since we check our email very frequently, very often while traveling or away from the office.  You may have a question or want clarification so go ahead and contact us. You have options for example via the phone (609) 333-8866  or via email address or simply you can leave a message below in the section Leave a Reply.

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2 thoughts on “Contact Us – Landing Expert – Alex Freund

  1. John Doe

    Hi Alex,
    I am a 55 year old man who has been let go of 100% of the jobs he has had since 2000. I simply do not work fast enough. I probably have some sort of learning disability. I love to work but I wonder if I am capable. I am married and college educated. I do not do drugs and put my all into my work. I guess my all is not good enough. Can you help me? How much would it cost? I am in Northern, NJ.
    Please keep this email private. I am sending you an anonymous email because of the shame I feel.

    1. Alex Freund Post author

      Hi John Doe,
      I fully understand your predicament.
      Since you are at this point unanimous I don’t know how to communicate with you but this way. Sorry.
      Best if you call me at 609.333.8866 or write to me via and I will gladly provide answers to all your questions.
      I am glad that you made this initial step. Otherwise you will stay where you are for a very long time.

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