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Landing Expert Career Coaching gives job seekers the experience of interviews in a comfortable, yet realistic, environment where the hiring manager’s thoughts, needs, and tricks are revealed.

The Landing Expert Difference

There are no up-front fees or contracts for you to sign. You’ll pay only at the end of each session. You decide how many sessions are right for you. Cash, check, and all major credit cards accepted.

ExaminerWho am I

In the past eight years, I’ve coached over 550 clients, received over 50 LinkedIn unsolicited recommendations and over 9,000 endorsements.

What I do

My coaching style is tailored to your needs. Every session lasts close to three hours, because such coaching cannot be dictated by the clock.

When we meet face-to-face you will get an honest opinion about the impression you make via your attire and communication style. You are welcome and encouraged to record our session. We’ll tape a short video interview, we’ll review it together and I’ll give feedback and advice for improvement to increase your self-confidence and your comfort with your presentation and communication skills — a challenge to most when it comes to selling themselves.


Subsequent sessions cover career planning, communication, effective networking, social media, LinkedIn and salary negotiation.

What you get

Your benefit would cover several-fold your investment in my coaching. But don’t take my word for it. Read what my past clients wrote in their LinkedIn recommendations.   You are entitled to unlimited and prompt phone and e-mail support. This is a very personalized service and getting this especially at a time when you really need it “is worth every penny” as many of my clients told me.

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